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Cave waterfall in Kalam Valley.

Kalam’s Newly Discovered Cave Waterfall

A newly discovered cave waterfall in Kalam Valley has become a major tourist attraction for local travelers and visitors. The cave waterfall is surrounded by thick trees and bushes amid a pool of cold water and mountains. The cave is located deep in the narrow creek of Shaho created by the confluence of two mountains over looking the Usho river situated in Kalam Valley.

The water gushing from the cave creates a serene and magical scene for tourists and visitors. However, being a newly discovered destination accessing this natural wonder poses a challenge. There is no proper entrance to the cave thus many are hesitant to visit. Some tourists from Mingora decided to visit the cave waterfall, professed that there were various twists and turns and the road down was hard to climb. But once they reached the waterfall they could not believe its beauty. Beautiful birds circled the natural attraction and the water gushed was fresh and lukewarm. Another tourist, Abdul Rauf decided to visit the place, however, he found it difficult to access it. The rock engulfing the cave waterfall is slippery thus increasing the possibility of mishaps or accidents.

For adventure seekers this is a must-visit spot. The awe inspiring natural marvel is difficult to access but holds immense beauty for those who dare to visit. Villagers living in adjoining areas believe that the cave waterfall is hidden thus they haven’t observed a lot of tourists visiting this area. If the government decides to opt for some serious initiatives and measures this beautiful cave waterfall could become a major tourist attraction. The authorities need to construct cemented steps and iron grill to ensure safety of tourists and visitors.

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