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Chilam joshi festival

Chilam Joshi Festival, Chitral

Pakistan is a country drenched in numerous colors, depicted in its copious cultures and festivals, which are sprinkled differently in different fractions of the country. In Pakistan, life blossoms at its full bloom as people here do not wait for life to shower colossal blessings upon them, in fact they carve happiness on their life’s canvas on their own. Chilam Joshi Festival is another such example, where happiness and colors of life get jolted in air with mere alteration of season in the Kalash Valley.

Chilam Joshi Festival in Chitral


Kalash Valley is another spectacular example of beauty engrossed in northern areas of Pakistan, encompassed by Hindu Kush mountain ranges, this valley is jewel of Chitral District. Where Kalash Valley is enriched in spell bounding beauty of nature, its culture is also as enriched as valley itself is. The people of Kalash are strongly connected with nature and they depict their love for it by cherishing each and every crack and twist of nature. May it be the change of seasons, outburst of weather or even dawning and setting of the sun, these natural phenomena have significant meaning for them and they consider every reflection of nature worth considering, cherishing and celebrating. Yes, celebrating; with all their inner levitating!

BEautiful women of Chitral.


Chilam Joshi is a four-day festival, celebrated in May, the fringes of its purpose are somewhere embarked within their religious believes. It is not only a toasting welcome for the summer season but also a homage to their God Goshidai for protecting their herds during summer and spring season. They believe that it will result into profusion of dairy products in summer. The festival, which starts in Rumbur Valley of Kalash, is celebrated each day in some other valley of Kalash; a gesture to flare the blessings of the festival to entire valley.

Women ready to celebrate the Chilam Joshi festival in Chitral.


The abundance of flowers in the valley is well-accustomed in this festival and Kalash people decorate their houses with variant flowers; the colors of spring season springing in the valley also get showered on their houses. People of Kalash have their own life style, which is very much ‘signature style statement’ of people of Kalash Valley. They have their own colors of life which make them different from the mainstream world; enhancing majesty of the valley. On this occasion, women wear their traditional black dresses ornamented by shells and colorful thread work with their headgear decorated in similar style, a bejeweled necklace encircling their necks adds another trinket to the brilliance.

Traditional dresses tailored to attend the Chilam Joshi festival.


People of Kalash are also recognized by their traditional dance and music and this festival also witnesses the traditional dance form where women and men encircle and put hands on each other’s waist and whirl in circle with every drum beat; happiness from somewhere slips into this circle and whirl along with dancing men and women and is reflected in laughter emerging every now and then on their faces.

To witness the ambiance of this festival, visitors from all over the Pakistan and even from different countries of the world, gather up in the Kalash Valley and get cherished with this cultural and traditional stateliness of the region. This not only helps to display cultural enrichment of Pakistan but also promotes the positive image of the country, benefiting our tourism industry. Happiness entailing other happiness- that is what Chilam Joshi Festival is all about!

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