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cholistan jeep rally

Cholistan Jeep Rally 2016

Cholistan Jeep Rally is one of Pakistan’s premier off-road racing events. The rally recently saw its 11th edition conclude with the winner, a certain Sahibzada Sultan taking the prestigious crown. Sahibzada Sultan defeated 5-time champion Mr. Magsi, whose vehicle had suffered a technical breakdown. The Cholistan Jeep Rally 2016 was the largest of its kind ever held which goes to show the ever-increasing popularity of the extreme motor sport.

Cholistan Jeep Rally 2016.

One of the participants remarked that the quality of facilities being provided, as well as the quality of participants and the degree of their planning had increased greatly over time which is a proof of how much this motor sport has developed. Almost 200,000 people attended it, including many urban university students who decided to spend their weekend in the desert experiencing the great adventure.

Sahibzada Sultan from Jhang wins Cholistan Jeep Rally 2016.

Participants were divided into A, B, C and D categories. The winners for each were as follows respectively; Sahibzada Sultan, Jaffar Magsi, Zaheer Hussain and Mehboob Khan. The rally itself was a great treat, watching the high-powered vehicles tread the magnificent sand dunes in the desert. There is something rugged about the whole experience that appeals not just to the testosterone-charged boys but almost everyone who lives for adrenaline-charged experience.

The Cholistan Jeep Rally is not just about a couple of cars racing around in the desert. It is also about navigating the right path, knowing when to refresh your vehicle as well as knowing the strengths and weaknesses of its competitors. One of the participants even termed it as a ‘battle’ where only the fittest would emerge victorious. The rally is accompanied by many other exciting events as well. These include a fireworks display, cultural night and a properly arranged tourist camp-site as well. The colors of the desert truly come alive during the rally when people from all over Pakistan head to Cholistan to experience an event that has become as much a trademark of the region as the sand-dunes.

Just like any amazing event, this one was to have its own fair share of mismanagement and controversy. Critics claimed that the roadblock on the road leading to Derawar Fort was due to the lack of planning on part of the organizers. Despite some of these issues, the event went quite smoothly. Check the video out and prepare to visit this adrenaline boosting jeep rally!

The Cholistan Jeep Rally has promoted Pakistan’s image that was greatly tarnished by the recent wave of extremism that seemed to have engulfed the country. Many foreign publications covered the event and deemed it a huge success and the credit must be given to the organizers as well the participants. One of the main purposes of organizing this rally is to raise awareness about the culture of the region and to attract more tourists. It is true that the cholistan region holds a lot of promise as a potential tourist center and it remains to be seen how the government could capitalize on the advantage this area has.

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