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Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017.

Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017

Launched in 2006, Cholistan Jeep Rally is a popular type of off-race organized by TDCP every year as a recreational activity aiming at the socio-economic development of the area and promoting tourism in the historical Cholistan Desert, Southern Punjab. Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017 is going to be a mega cultural event offering an insight into the typical nomadic life and traditions of Punjab.

Cholistan Jeep Rally 2016

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally
Courtesy: Uzair Aziz PhotographyCholistan desert jeep rally in 2016.

Attended by over 100,000 people from across the country last year, Cholistan Jeep Rally has gained massive popularity among thrill seekers who not only enjoy the show but also participate in the rally. Usually the participants are male, but the Cholistan desert jeep rally 2016 in Bahawalpur also attracted two female drivers from Germany who participated in the event.

Known as the most attended event in Pakistan, Cholistan Jeep Rally serves as an amazing depiction of world history, culture and heritage. The event includes a rich cultural show with fireworks and folk musical night in front of the magical Fort Derawar promoting tourism in Pakistan. Derawar Fort is a beautiful heritage site, built by a Hindu Rajput, Jajja Bhati of Jaisalmer. The fort remained under the control of the royal family until it got captured in 1733 by the Nawabs of Bahawalpur. In 1804, Nawab Mubarak Khan took the control back in his hands.


Derawar Fort, Cholistan Jeep Rally, Southern Punjab, pakistan
Courtesy: Muhammad AbdullahCholistan Jeep Rally 2016 was held in Bahawalpur.

12th Jeep Rally in 2017

People are cheering for their favorite racer in the Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017.
Courtesy: Uzair Aziz PhotographyCholistan jeep rally will be held this year on 9th February.

So this year again, the awesome event is all set to welcome the adventure seekers, art enthusiasts and sports lovers to witness the beautiful views of huge metal beasts racing between the golden sand dunes of Cholistan and enjoy the enchanting Cholistan fest. The expected dates of the three days event are 9th to 12th February 2017.

Besides the fierce competition during the race there is an exclusive camel show and rides available for tourists.Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017.

The event will also feature desert safaris and camel rides to give tourists a hint of a typical nomadic life. Experienced tour guides and continuous festivities will be arranged by TDCP at the camp sites for families and other tourists to make the most of the event. The activities planned this year include bonfire, sky lanterns, musical night etc. A prize distribution ceremony to announce the top 3 winners in each category will mark the end of the mega cultural event, Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017.

Cholistan desert jeep rally 2017.Cholistan jeep rally celebrations in 2016.

So plan your Cholistan Jeep Rally trip this time with TripKar to witness the cultural extravaganza organised especially for families and adventure seekers!


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