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cholistan jeep rally

Cholistan Jeep Rally: Into The Dunes

Here are all the details you may want to know about the Cholistan Jeep Rally, an event that takes place every year. Cholistan is a desert area in the southern part of Punjab, Pakistan. It occupies about 16000 sq. km of area. The Cholistan desert was once a fertile land and it was irrigated by the natural flowing of Hakra River (better known as the Sarasvati River). IT has since dried up and the area has turned arid. The Cholistan desert joins up with the Thar Desert in Sindh which extends into India as well, making this area one of the largest desert areas of the world. However, the dryness of the climate does not harm the rich culture. The regional language of Cholistan is Saraiki, which is a sweeter and more entertaining variation of Punjabi. The people here are semi-nomadic, meaning that their life is different and thus interesting for outsiders to observe and learn about. The name Cholistan suggests a dry land as the word ‘chol’ means desert in this region.

Cholistan Jeep Rally takes place every year.

This land lot its fertility a long time ago and along with it most of the important cultures it was host to. But recent efforts have unearthed links from Cholistan to the early Harappa times. There are sites, forts and palaces dating 4500 years in the past. Surprisingly, very similar clothing music and festivities still exist and also occur regularly. The Cholistan Jeep Rally was initiated to establish a connection of the world with this secluded region and to rekindle the culture of Cholistan. The first rally took place in 2005 and was organized by the Tourism Development Commission of Pakistan. This was the first attempt at promoting tourism in Southern Punjab and mostly stuck to a visit to the Derawar Fort in Cholistan. The Jeep Rally has proven to be a successful event as more than 100 drivers participate every year. The Rally has gained significant attention, and has established its market as a family trip, through the participation of women drivers in 2014 as well.

Adrenaline fueled men and women participate in the jeep rally.

The Rally is a total travel of 220 km in a loop. Since its advent in 2005 much development has taken place economically and in terms of infrastructure and now the trip seems safer. There are much more facilities attached to the route of the Rally to accommodate people and the travelling experience has also improved along with it. On the Rally, there are lots of opportunities for sight-seers such as the above mentioned archeological forts and palaces. The rides themselves are a great part of the Rally, with powerful vehicles treading through the dunes. People love bringing their own well-kept jeeps to the Rally and showing off the true potential of their automobiles. This year the Cholistan Jeep Rally will take place on the 12th of February, so all parties should mark their calendars and fill up their fuel tanks for a sand packed road trip! It is a must have experience for the people who have enjoyed the mountains of Pakistan, so they can experience a different terrain altogether and understand the majestic country that is Pakistan.

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