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Concordia Pakistan: Where Trekkers Meet

Life is very boring without adventure and risks. While you are young and energetic, it is good to be involved in activities that you may not be able to carry out when you become old. Trekking is one of such activities which is quite common among the youth nowadays. People frequently travel to various beautiful mountainous areas including the breathtaking Concordia Pakistan to carry out the trekking adventure with family or friends.

One of the best places for trekking in Pakistan is Concordia.

While you may find a number of great places for trekking, one of the best and most visited places by trekkers is Concordia Pakistan. Located in Baltistan region, Concordia remains an ideal place for trekking due to several geographical factors. It has been called the “throne room of the mountain gods” by Galen Rowell. So what is so special about Concordia? Four of the highest peaks in the world namely K-2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II surround this region. The exceptional thing is that these four ranges are among the World’s fourteen ‘eight-thousanders’, which means that their altitude is greater than 8000m.

A vast site for camping enthusiasts in Pakistan.

Apart from these notable ranges, you can also enjoy the sight of beautiful peaks including Masherbrum, Snow Dome, Chogolisa, Mitre peak and some other 6000-8000m high mountains. The trekkers reach the destination fully equipped and while they know that trekking is a challenging activity, it is highly rewarding in terms of experience, learning and teamwork. While on your way to the main trekking destination i.e. Concordia, you can witness the scenic beauty of the majestic  Baltoro glacier and other areas in the Baltistan region and beyond. Skardu, Paiju, Askole, K-2 base camp and Goro are some areas where trekkers stop for a day for camping.

Is this trekking suitable for you? Well, there are certain precautionary measures you need to take to have a safe trekking experience. Although slight prior experience of trekking is somewhat important since trekking to some of the highest peaks is very challenging, you may consider going as a first-timer if there are experienced trekkers in your group. Few necessary “pre-trek” measures include:

  • Taking proper trekking equipment including proper backpack, fleece jacket, sleeping bag, shorts, water bottle, towel, trekking boots, waterproof trousers or pants, UV protection sunglasses, head lamp and anything else that your group leaders suggest.
  • Be it the K-2 base camp trek or trek to Concordia, choose the right group when you plan to go for trekking because team work is extremely important in this activity. The more experienced and energetic members you have, the safer you are likely to feel while trekking.
  • Ask for constant help and support at all times. Since everyone is busy enjoying their trekking experience, it becomes your responsibility to ask for support at frequent intervals. When called upon, the group members are always willing to support others with trekking.
  • Since the temperature changes unexpectedly as you trek further, make sure you keep yourself prepared for it by taking warm and cool clothes both. The daytime temperature can go as high as over 30 degrees while the lowest temperature can go to as low as zero degrees or less.

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