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germany to pakistan - kamran

Cycling from Germany to Pakistan – Kamran on Bike

Kamran Ali was born in the city of Leiah, Pakistan. He moved to Germany in 2004, to pursue higher studies in computer science.  Today he holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science and works in a software firm in Nuremberg, Germany. However, Kamran is much more than his outstanding academic and professional credentials! He is an adventurer, a traveler and a risk taker! Kamran had a dream- something which might seem strange to a lot of people! He had a dream of traveling from Germany to Pakistan on a bicycle! CRAZY RIGHT?

On 2nd June 2011, Kamran finally set of on a bicycle from Germany to his home country Pakistan. He reached the half way mark after traveling 4500 km in 45 days, crossing 8 countries in the process. As he reached the Sivas city in Turkey, he received the news of hospitalization of his mother due to a heart problem. Kamran abandoned his dream for the time being, and flew straight to Pakistan from Istanbul to be with his mother. Sadly, Kamrans mother passed away on 17th of September 2011. He was deeply grieved. He had lost his mother and the journey he had dedicated to her stood incomplete as well. Tripkar brings you detailed information about Kamran’s journey from Germany to Pakistan:

Budapest Parliament.In front of Budapest Parliament

Border of Romania.At the border of Romania.

Border of Turkey.At the border of Turkey.

In 2015, three years after the death of his mother, he again resumed his journey from Sivas, Turkey, the place where he had first abandoned it. Finally he reached Pakistan after crossing a total of 28 countries throughout the course of his journey! These countries include, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Malta, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, France, England, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, China and Pakistan.

Layyah is a small city situated in Punjab, Pakistan.At his hometown Leiah!

Today, Kamran is a known personality in the adventure and travel loving community of Pakistan. He regularly holds cycling events in different cities. Recently, he held an event in which he along with a number of others bicyclers traveled from Tashkurgan, China to Islamabad via the Karakoram Highway!

Pakistan-China Border.At KSF zero point check post.

Passu.At Passu.

We wish Kamran all the best for the future! Sir, you truly are an inspiration for all the travel and adventure enthusiasts!

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