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Dadahar Fort is a newly discovered castle that holds immense historical patronage and importance.

Dadahara Fort: A Newly Found Castle

The recently discovered Dadahara Fort is situated amidst the mountain of Dadahara, Brikot Tehsilis and is said to be built in the 9th century. Archaeologists have urged the Pakistani government to preserve the newly found castle in order to uncover various historical facts and information. Pakistan is known for history and archaeology with award winning archaeological sites to explore. Many have claimed the Dadahara Fort to be a major part of a chain of castles built in the Hindu-Greek period.

Archaeologists have discovered a newly found Dadahara Fort. Built in the 9th Century during the Hindu-Greek period.
Courtesy: Express Tribune

Amjad Ali, a local archaeologist investigated the newly found castle, which covers a huge area. The archaeologist claims that the fort was so beautifully built that people could watch lower Swat and distant areas standing on the roof top. Anwar Anjum, a cultural activist claims that people belonging to Hindu-Greek period were extremely skilled, since the castle is situated on a rough terrain which must have been a challenge for the architects to build.

Archaeologist claims that the castle held strategic importance during the fall of Hindu-Greeks. The castle served as the main post during war and later served as the center point for Muslim dynasties. Upon further investigation, Anwar Anjum indicated detrimental condition of the Dadahara Fort, with only a few boundary walls standing. The cultural activist claims the castle has been subject to illegal excavators which shows the government was unable to protect the property.

A local living near Dadahara Fort further professed that no body was aware of the fort’s historical importance. Many locals sought it as a Satan’s abode, leading them to abolish the castle’s structure. Tajdar Alam, a local resident living in Barikot explained that the castle was protected by dozens of bastions. However, only four remain intact now. Illegal excavators and smugglers destroyed other bastions in hopes to find treasure and precious items. Dadahara Fort, in its time was surrounded by various fortification and six castles as watch towers for the empire.

Dr. Abdul Samad Khan, Directorate of Archaeology and Museum claims that important steps have been taken to preserve the ruins of Dadahara Fort. Swat Museum’s curator is also said to have visited the newly found castle and submitted the report in order to proceed with the castle’s restoration.

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