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Shehr e Roghan also known as Gondrani.

Demons Abode: The Mystery of Shehr e Roghan

The ancient city of Shehr e Roghan is situated at Lasbela Balochistan, Pakistan. Also known as the City of Caves or City of Jinns, this archaeological town is visited by many to explore its roots and the mystery behind the caves. Shehr e Roghan is isolated from the civilization, many historians believe that the City of Caves was once a huge Buddhist Monastery in the eighth century. However, this place goes back to 1500 B.C and was rediscovered by the British in 1858.  Tripkar brings you some interesting information regarding Sher e Roghan also known as Gondrani:

The mystery of Shehr e Roghan.

This ancient city is spread across 2-3 kilometers. Unfortunately hidden from the world, many historians believe that these caves hold immense knowledge and archaeological discoveries.  The caves however, are in poor condition including high rate of erosion and lack of conservation efforts from the government. Seemingly the caves are an architectural marvel including multi and double storey tiers and various walkways interconnecting the caves. There are cave houses that include two separate rooms, a kitchen and compartments for food storage, portraying a conservative society’s sacred abode.

However, the origin of the caves still remains a mystery. Many local villagers living near the cave city widely believe an urban myth revolving around demons. It is believed during the reign of King Solomon, there lived a beautiful princess named Badiul Jamal who was possessed by numerous demons continuously tormenting her.  Many prince tried to exorcise the demon infestation but went in vain. However, Prince Saiful Malook was the only one able to successfully expel the demons from the princess. Thus people believe that the caves are haunted by the exorcised demons. Another myth surrounding the Cave City includes demons and evil spirits inhabiting the caves and killing the locals to satiate their hunger, until a holy woman named Mai Gondrani sacrificed her life and killed the demons.

The forgotten City of Caves, if restored, has a lot of potential to attract both local and foreign tourists. There is a lot to explore and study in terms of history as well as archaeology. Thus people looking for an interesting expedition should definitely visit the mysterious City of Caves.

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