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desi breakfast in karachi

Top 5 Places for Desi Breakfast in Karachi

Our elders always tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so we should never skip it. The logic seems to be fair because after sleeping for several hours, our body needs something to extract energy from in order to keep us energetic throughout the day. If you are a real ‘foodie’ and want to see how breakfast is supposed to be done, you need to visit a number of places for a desi breakfast in Karachi which are well-known for their exceptional breakfast in terms of variety, taste and quality.

Although there are a number of food items which are popular in the city of lights, but there are some awesome places for a proper, fulfilling relishing desi breakfast in Karachi. Tripkar brings you a list of some places you never want to miss out on when planning to go out for a desi breakfast in Karachi.


For a fulfilling and relishing desi breakfast in Karachi visit Baithak.

If you love open air dining, that too near the beach, then this is a place for you. It is one of the Boat Basin highlights which serves absolutely scrumptious desi breakfast in Karachi. The atmosphere makes it even better with chaarpais and cool sea breeze freshening you up. try their halwa puri, but if you’re not a halwa puri fan, then their paratha will definitely impress you, try the  cheese one!


Enjoy the delicious Halwa Puri desi breakfast in Dhamthal, karachi.

Although you may find the very famous halwa puri in almost every bakery nowadays, some are just amazingly different from others. One such places is Dhamthal sweets located near Ayesha Manzil for a perfect desi breakfast in Karachi where people especially go from far away areas to have a doze of fresh and hot halwa puri. On Sundays, you need to wait for several minutes before you can finally have your breakfast because it actually seems like the whole city has rushed towards Dhamthal to have the delicious halwa puri.

Javed Nihari

Enjoy the hot and full of spices Javed Nihari a famous desi breakfast dish in karachi.

Pakistanis love eating nihari for breakfast! When it comes to nihari in Karachi, Javed’s is the place worth visiting. They specialize in nihari and are known as one of the most popular nihari experts in the city. Their nihari is thick, full of taste and served with ginger, lemon and green chillies for a burst of flavours in every bite!


Dera serves a variety of desi breakfast dishes in karachi.

Who hasn’t heard of Dera? Well, if you have not, then you surely need to try this place out. While you can find a variety of breakfast items there, the aloo paratha and chicken cheese paratha are their specialties. Also, it is fairly affordable so you can enjoy relishing breakfast with friends or family at Dera.

Tooso Nashta

Tooso Nashta is known as the best places to serve desi breakfast in karachi.

This place is known for its desi breakfast and many consider it as the best place for desi breakfast till date! Located at Bahadurabad, this place has an epic aloo ki bhujia, paratha and tea. There are various hotels in Karachi situated near this breakfast eatery. Anyone going to Karachi, does not go back without trying this place out!

You may find many other places all over Karachi for a great desi breakfast but the ones mentioned here are certainly a must-try!


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