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DHA H Block: A Glimpse of Karachi Gawalmandi in Lahore

If you’ve ever been to DHA H Block for a bite, you must have taken a look at all the restaurant boards and wondered: So much Karachi in one Lahori street? As a born and raised Lahori, I too felt a bit insecure when around five years ago this, now massive, market began hosting famous Karachi restaurants. But along with the tag, these restaurants brought great food and flavor which is any Punjabi’s biggest weakness! Since then H-Block has been conquered by Karachi restaurant chains and in the process been renamed, quite deserving, New Food Street.

The famous paratha roll served in various restaurants located at DHA H block.

H-Block is the home of 13 major restaurants including Cock ‘n’ Bull, Karachi BBQ, Karachi Hot and Spicy, Karachi Red Apple, Karachi Silver Spoon, Tandoor and the fine dining choice in this area, Shehzan Regale. Most of these are famous for their Paratha Rolls, which is arguably Lahore’s favorite fast food. During the evening the area is filled with two things, the inviting barbecue smell and the customers being driven in by it. Living up to its namesake in Gawalmandi, this area is crowded all-out in the evenings, with nearby parking lots jam-packed with cars at maximum capacity. It is a small miracle to witness almost a thousand people being fed with delicious foods at one time.

One major factor for the large amount of people pouring in to these restaurants is the affordable rates at which most products are offered. A variety of rolls, platters and continental dishes are offered within the same price range making almost each restaurant equally attractive to the customers. The tough competition between the similarly named brands is displayed by the waiters who are out on the road trying to catch the passerby’s attention. These waiters add a comic effect to the environment of the Food Street, some bringing innovative changes such as rapping the menu for the customers.

DHA H block is undoubtedly most popular area, competing with other popular areas of Lahore such as the MM Alam Road and Liberty. H-Block stands out due to its collection of “Karachi” restaurants and budgeted fast food options. The fame of H-block has now begun to bring popularity and importance to the connecting areas such as Lalik Jan Chowk. In the coming years H block might be regarded one of Lahore’s most lucrative tourist attraction. So if you’re ever in the vicinity of DHA and want to grab a quick bite, be sure to hit H-Block and pick whatever seems most delicious and appetizing to you!

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