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Dinner in the Sky, Eiffel tower, Paris.

Brusselicious: Dinner in the Sky

Ready for dinner?

An incredible evening, intimate setting, a  freshly prepared meal in front of you as the sun sets. All this while hanging suspended from a crane at Dinner in the Sky!
A unique dining experience where you will be strapped in a chair with 21 other guests and once the safety checks are complete the entire eatery is hauled at 150 feet within seconds.

One of the most unusual restaurants in the world, Dinner in the Sky.

The unique dining concept is created by Belgian entrepreneur David Ghysles since 2004. Dinner in the Sky has expanded to 45 countries and has catered more than 2000 events including business parties and wedding ceremonies. Now you can discover Brussels surrealism and cuisine in the most extraordinary manner. With top chefs preparing your dishes and beverages, you can  marvel the city’s unparalleled beauty and scenic view of one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, the Brussels Grand Palace.

However, Dinner in the Sky isn’t inexpensive. Events held in the restaurant can cost around $15000 or more. Prepare to pay more for the top chefs, extravagant food and heating. For adventure seekers, this is a perfect opportunity. With so little between you and certain death, this experience is an adrenaline fueled affair. For once in a life time experience enjoy the ultimate panorama of Dinner In The Sky.

The famous Belgian waffles.

Make sure to book your tickets in June. Dinner in the Sky hosts a prestigious food festival known as Brusselicious. The event is held at four notable places with seven reputable and professional chefs who take turns cooking dinner, hoisted up in the sky. The dishes are offered to the public at low prices. However, once you decide to visit, do keep in mind the weather conditions: Dinner in the Sky won’t be a happy experience during rainy season.

According to Forbes, Dinner in the Sky is one of the top ten most unusual restaurants worldwide. However, once you come to Brussels, do not forget to eat the tasty Belgian waffles, cheese, french fries and mussels.

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