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Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

From a deserted land to a highly developed city, Dubai is labeled as one of the best and the most expensive cities in the world. Dubai has now become a global business hub and an ideal place for tourism with various attractions, high-rise buildings and the famous Dubai Shopping Festival. Considering the international standards, Dubai hotels have now become a pioneer in the hospitality industry.

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Event Organizers

Besides being famous for its tourist attractions and its hotels, Dubai is also famous for organizing culturally rich festival. Presently, The Dubai Festivals Retail Sector Promotion Establishment (DFRE) and Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) are organizing one of the largest shopping festivals in the world known as Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). Not only does this festival cater to month-long shopping fiesta and tourists in various Dubai hotels, it also plays an important role in promoting retail trade in Dubai. Each year, the festival gets better and better and attracts approximately three million tourists from around the globe who stay at various hotels in Dubai. Since accommodation is very expensive, Dubai cheap hotels are also available for tourist convenience.

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Festive shopping discounts

Dubai Shopping Festival aims to provide various retail opportunities to the shoppers by offering products on up to 75% discount. Buyers have the chance to visit ethnically rich stalls and buy culturally enriched products including cosmetics, jewelry and other accessories. The festival usullay commences with fireworks creating an exciting atmosphere for everyone. Al Rigga Street, Carpet and Art Oasis, Deira City Center, DSF Desert camp, Global Village, Dubai Mall, Burjuman, Lulu Village, Mercato Shopping Mall, Lamcy Plaza and Mall of the Emirates are some of the many notable places to experience the true spirits of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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Entertainment fiesta

Apart from the shopping spree, there are a lot of fun activities that take place during the month. This includes fashion shows, street and music performances, magic shows as well as various food joints. Tourists should plan ahead and book their hotel rooms according to their needs; websites such as tripkar can provide reliable information about hotels in Dubai and the relevant booking details. There are various ‘Souks’, or marketplaces to visit throughout Dubai. While the Gold Souk is the most popular, others like spice souk also attracts a huge number of tourists who are staying in various Dubai hotels.

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Plan ahead

The fact that DSF has completed 20 successful years of operations has made it the most successful shopping festival in the world. The tourism demand is so high that the travel agents are now arranging trips solely for Dubai Shopping Festival. Various packages including, bookings for cheap hotels in Dubai is also available for people who want to experience DSF on a limited budget. This year the DSF will take place from 26th December 2016 to 28th January 2017, celebrating its 22nd anniversary. You must experience DSF at least once in your life time because you will be able to grab your favorite items at surprising rates and also enjoy other activities that take place.

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