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Effects of climate change.

Effects of Climate Change in Pakistan

People hear a lot about climate change, be it in seminars, television, books and articles. When any natural disaster, caused due to climate change, strikes any part of the world, we get startled and for a couple of days or week, if the effects of climate change are immense enough, we feel motivated to work for the betterment. However, as time passes, other things get on board and ‘climate change’ intrigued scene again gets vanished. That’s what we are doing and that is what we will continue to do if we do not change our attitude towards this hovering havoc and get sensitized over the issue of climate change.

Effects of climate change in Antarctica.

Effects of climate change – a much debated phenomenon in national and international media, has grounded its roots and is swaying our beloved planet. If we dot back to the causes of this prevalent phenomenon, then we land into our ‘oh so cherished’ industrialization and technological revolution era. Where industrialization and technological revolution brings betterment in our life, its repercussions follow. Toxic gases emitted from industries and burning of fuel by vehicles collectively cause global warming. These Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s) hold the potential to retain in biosphere for a long time, so once they are unleashed, they persist for centuries; for every upcoming generation to face its effects.

Extreme water shortage causes drought.

We are living amidst a phase, where our water, agriculture, health, forest, biodiversity has become endangered due to propelling effects of global warming. The most alarming thing is: according to IPCC (2007), climate change is more likely to affect developing and under developed countries, because they have fewer resources to tackle this soaring issue. Pakistan, being a developing country, is also at front line to endure the effects of climate change occurring due to global warming; every passing instant is affirming this fact.

Climate change has huge consequences.

The reason why Pakistan’s prospects of getting affected by climate change are high may lie in its relatively warm climate and its geographical location. As per geologists, Pakistan lies in a region which is more likely to get effected by global warming. Over a couple of decades, drastic changes have been registered in Pakistan’s climate. These changes include rise in sea level due to melting of mountain glaciers and thermal expansion of water, increased intensity of heat waves, elongated summer period, variability in monsoon rains and coastal erosion.

Each one of these effects has its own consequences and alarming signs for people of Pakistan. For instance, persistent  heat waves causes water shortages and numerous diseases also erupt, like heat strokes, diarrhea, cholera and vector borne diseases. Coastal erosion is threatening for agricultural land, infrastructure and development activities, whereas varying span of monsoon rains has flooded Pakistan many times. Last but not the least, change in air pressure at Arabian sea is reportedly becoming cause of cyclones at the shore.

There are many other effects, which will continue mounting if we do not take some action to curb this phenomenon of climate change caused by global warming; a product of activities of humans. Pakistan has also signed the Paris Climate Agreement, on April 22, 2016; inked by representatives from more than 175 countries, which asserts that all the participants of this agreement will work jointly as well as in their own capacity to fight against this dangling threat for our generation’s survival. We just hope that this agreement plays a significant part in sensitizing officials as well as civil society.

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