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lahore sightseeing bus

Experiencing Culture on the Lahore Sightseeing Bus

Lahore is considered by many to be among the most culturally rich cities in South Asia. One of the oldest cities in the region, Lahore has seen war, invasions, sieges, coups, sultanates, democracy – all of which has borne its mark on the city. The city has older, walled parts, a huge fort and majestic mosques and gardens. With all this culture and heritage, there is naturally a need for some kind of a platform that could bring forth all this beauty and allow it to take center stage in the tourism scene of Pakistan. Here is some interesting information regarding Lahore sightseeing bus for you to experience:

Inspired by the sightseeing bus in London, the Lahore Sightseeing Bus is a recent venture launched by the government of Punjab aimed at promoting the city’s culture and beauty. The bus has day, evening and night tours and travels through almost all the historic parts of the city for a small amount of PKR 200. It can accommodate up to sixty passengers and has a rather comprehensive itinerary that leaves nothing missed. The buses are not only equipped with amenities such as air conditioning but also are aesthetically pleasing. On the exterior we note the trademark Lahore Slogan ‘Lahore Lahore Aey’ (Lahore is Lahore) printed on both sides of the bus. The bus also has an electronic announcement system that continues to provide information and anecdotes about all the historic parts of the city.

Currently, there are two terminals between which the bus shuttles. One end of the route is Punjab stadium and the other is Food Street at Fort Road Lahore. The service is already being lauded by the Lahoris who welcome this idea as novel and exactly what the times needed.

Now, this is something really exciting. Lahore, I assure you, is a city to be experienced, not just visited. And it can only be truly experienced by observing and taking in its streets, its sights and all the hustle bustle that this city has to offer. If you travel around in a rickshaw, you may reach your destination but you will have missed everything that was around you – for it is one thing to visit the Badshahi Mosque and another thing to witness the rush and activity at the Mall Road or Anarkali. Lahore has its own charm, its own aura – and it is mesmerizing beyond words. If you truly want to experience the city and all that it has to offer, the sightseeing bus is just the thing for you.

Pakistan, a country ravaged by terrorism and known primarily for its terrorist links, desperately needs measures like these. Once a favorite destination among the tourists of the world, recent years of instability and turmoil have left the country not just ravaged but also has deeply affected the once-thriving tourism industry. With the advent of ventures like the sightseeing bus, it finally seems as if the dark days are past and the government has finally come to its senses by deciding to portray a positive image of Pakistan by using such proactive measures. Promote and experience Lahore sightseeing bus with your friends and family.

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