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exports of pakistan

Famous Exports of Pakistan

Industrialization is the most widely discussed topic in Pakistan today. As a developing country, the exports of  Pakistan are encouraged. Resultantly, to work towards a positive balance of trade, our country is promoting the growth of industries of different kinds. Most villages are self-sufficient in the basic necessities of life.
Most of the families rely on cottage industries for income and basic necessities. They have their own carpenters, blacksmiths, potters, craftsmen and cotton weavers. With the passage of time cottage industries have gained great significance in both, cities and towns. Handwoven carpets, embroidered work, brassware, rugs and traditional bangles are all in great demand; in fact they can be counted as a great plus point in promoting the cultural heritage of Pakistan and widely popular among the tourists.
The following are considered the best  export items of Pakistan, widely in demand in the international market:


export of pakistan
Being an agricultural country, with fertile soil and perfect weather conditions, cotton is one of the best exports. We export raw cotton as well as finished goods (including cloth, hosiery, clothes, carpets)  to different countries of the world. During cotton harvest season, women and children are employed to pick cotton since it requires delicate hands. Part of the cotton is weaved in the cotton processing centres to produce value added items, whereas the rest is packed and exported raw.


export of pakistan
Pottery is a very important feature of the culture and heritage of Pakistan and is admired throughout the world. Pottery is not only one of the traditional art forms but is also a great source of earning for the Kumhar tribe of Pakistan. The people, artistic by nature make pots with a special kind of clay and design it very intricately. The art of making pots is not a piece of cake, rather it involves a lot of attention to detail and craftsmanship. Pottery ware is available in a number of sizes, shapes, designs.Where these multi-purpose pots are used in villages to carry water, they are also kept as decoration pieces in houses and other places.
The demand of these pots globally is very high since they are regarded as a traditional speciality of our country. Many foreigners take them as gifts for their friends and relatives back home. Different colours, mirror work and beautiful shapes make them attractive and valued among people.


exports of pakistan
Leather is one of the biggest exports of Pakistan. Contributing more than $800 million in 2009 to the foreign exchange in Pakistan, this industry has the potential of delivering more and providing a large number of jobs by diversifying product range and improving quality. One of the oldest industry of leather in the history of Pakistan, was founded during the British era, with just a few number of tanneries working in large cities such as Karachi, Lahore, New Delhi. In contrast, today there are approximately over 800 tanneries in the country engaged in producing best quality finished leather of Cow, Buffalo, and Sheep & Goat skins. With the increasing demand for the leather products, manufacturer and exporters are adamant upon increasing the export of quality finished leather products including shoes, belts, bags, coats etc.

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