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Inspirational female travelers in Pakistan

Inspirational Female Travelers in Pakistan

As the world is evolving, women around the globe are being empowered by their critical roles and services to different sectors of development. Pakistan isn’t far behind when it comes to the achievement of the female gender. Pakistan has provided a great platform for some young, motivated women to make literal journeys to greatness. Following are some inspirational female travelers in Pakistan who traveled to remarkable places in astounding ways.

Samina Baig

Samina Baig an inspirational female traveler of Pakistan

Samina is one of the top most inspirational female travelers in Pakistan. A mountain climber and trekker, she describes the activity as her passion. She is quoted to have said “Mountain climbing is my passion, and to empower women through my expeditions is the reason.” With such a strong resolve, Samina along with her brother climbed the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest, in May of 2013. She became the first Pakistani woman to do so. By acquiring this feat she showed that the previously believed physical boundaries for women were in fact an illusion and all that is needed is determination to make your place in this world in spite of your gender or creed.

Zenith Irfan

Zenith Irfan a female traveler in Pakistan

Zenith Irfan is one of the inspirational female travelers in Pakistan and has a unique personality for two reasons. Reason number one is that she traveled solely all across Pakistan and discovered various places of Lahore and also kept a record of all her journeys. Reason number two is that she did all this on her motorbike. She broke two stereotypes with one amazing journey across her homeland and has since gathered a lot of attention and hype. Zenith credits her confidence to her mother who is her role model and her late father, whose passion for bikes and travelling she inherited directly. Zenith Irfan is a Bachelors student at Lahore School of Economics and even in her youth she was not afraid to take a bold step and follow her heart across the beautiful terrains of Pakistan.

Nazia Parveen

Nazia Parveen a female traveler in Pakistan

Nazia Parveen belongs to FATA and her passion is rock climbing. This passion of hers has taken her on various journeys around Pakistan. She has won thirteen rock climbing competitions so far and proudly participated in the International Rock Climbing competition in Singapore recently. Nazia found herself climbing walls and trees even as a youngster and pursued it when she got older. Nazia is quoted to say that she doesn’t believe in giving up dreams, and she inspires the females of the world by literally climbing her way to the top.

These inspiring women of Pakistan are now respected not only locally but have left a mark all over the world. They have shown great strength of character and resolve, which all women need to integrate into their personality. You can also start your inspiring journey today, sign up with Tripkar for our complete packages and deals all across Pakistan. Happy travelling!

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