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Useful tips to find cheap flight rates

Useful Tips to Find Cheap Flight Rates

We look forward to our holiday breaks as a way to refresh ourselves mentally and physically. When you go on a holiday trip you leave all the worries of your everyday life behind. There’s no schedule to adhere to, no toys to pick up, no errands to run, no school to attend and no boss to answer to. However, arranging a trip is not easy. The first thing to decide is the budget, especially if you plan to visit a foreign destination. From hotel accommodation to finding cheap flight rates to leisure activities, everything needs to be pre-planned for a fun filled trip.

Tripkar brings you some useful flight booking tips, for you to have an exciting time on your holiday trip:

Sign up for Newsletters

Sign up with Tripkar for newsletters to find cheap flight rates.

Sign up for various newsletters published by the airline website. Many airlines such as Etihad Air, Air Arabia and Emirates airline offer exciting holiday package deals. Sign up for email alerts and research the airlines official website for more information. Some airlines including Airblue offer economical rates with variations including premium, standard and discount tickets.

Off-Peak Hours

Book tickets at off peak rates.

In case, there aren’t any attractive holiday package deals for you to opt for, here is a useful tip: book tickets at off-peak hours which include early morning flights or late night, Monday afternoon, Tuesdays, or Saturdays. Another useful tip is to clear your browser cookies. When you keep refreshing the airline website in the hopes that the ticket prices may drop, You are actually doing the opposite. Also known as ‘Dynamic Pricing’, airlines track your browser cookies thus increasing the prices according to the demand. Thus clear your search and history cookies to find cheap flight rates.

Play Smart

Compare flight rates with TripKar.

For your ease there are flight rates comparison websites. This will help you track down the best deals on air fares. Flight comparison websites now offers a new feature that predicts whether ticket prices will rise or fall across different routes. Another way to play smart is to pack light. Airlines are now charging extra money on luggage. Try and pack light to enjoy a holiday that is cost and time effective.

Be Proactive

Book flight before your vacations.

Holiday season is the peak time for air travel. Be proactive and book your tickets at least a month to find cheap flight rates, before the holiday season starts. If you have a particular destination in mind, start planning and researching right away. A useful tip is to book flights on week days rather than weekend. If you have decided on an airline, browse through different carriers, you may save extra cash by choosing service than comfort.

Opt for ‘Discount Airlines’

Opt for discount airlines for cheaper flight tickets.

There are ‘discount airlines’ available, that can save you a lot of money. One such airlines is the Spirit Airlines, which charges money ‘on what you use’. The airline charges you extra money on drinks including water, food, comfort and extra baggage. Thus giving you full control over customization. It is up to you whether you opt for extra services or not. Research for budget airlines that offer differentiation and exclude services that you can save money on.

Travel safe and smart and have an exciting holiday trip or a getaway using these tips!

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