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FireChat: Chat live

FireChat: Chat Live Without Network Connectivity

We have seen great leaps in digital technology in the last few years. With innovation that has revolutionized the way we work and live, things have never been easier. Similarly technology has played a vital role in effective communication. With so many chat applications available on every digital platform, covering every conceivable niche you could think of, one such application is FireChat: Chat live. The innovative chat application focuses on local ‘off the grid’ communication that enables people to communicate without using WiFi network.

FireChat application works without internet connection.

For people finding it difficult to communicate at places where network signals are weak, or when you are trying to chat with people at sports event or concerts FireChat: Chat live offers an easy way out. The application offers an offline and fully secure multi user, multi room chat with flexible and easy authentication, user presence and search, private messaging and chat invitations.

All users have to do is, download FireChat application. Other than this, the application is totally free with no data charges applicable while chatting. FireChat uses Bluetooth connectivity in order to send and receive messages. The application can also work on Wi-Fi or cellular network. With a reliable internet connection, the app lets you find people worldwide and lets you build an audience faster than any other chat application, for free.

For people who seek travel frequently can make use of this application. Destinations located at a higher altitude or places with weak communication channels can use FireChat for ease and accessibility. The app lets you create a mesh network and lets you transmit messages to one another through Bluetooth within 200 feet. The application has introduced new features including innovative multi-hop and store-and-forward capabilities which allows messages to hop from one device to the next in order to reach more than one recipient.

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