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Top 7 Best Fishing Spots in Pakistan |

Fishing has been an important part of Pakistan’s economy and leisure since a very long time. A major part of the population of coastal areas of Baluchistan and Sindh survives on aqua farming, either by consuming seafood or selling fish to local and international markets. Export of fish generates a decent amount of revenue for the fishermen as well as the local economy. Pakistan, especially the Punjab province, consists of some great recreation, hunting and fishing spots in Pakistan.

Here is a list of famous fishing spots in Pakistan for you to enjoy:

Fishing Spot Head Baloki

Head Baloki one of the famous fishing spots in Pakistan

At a distance of approximately 65 kilometers from Lahore, Head Baloki is situated at River Ravi on Multan Road near the town of Bhai Peru. Head Baloki is considered to be one of the best hunting and fishing spots not only in Punjab but in Pakistan as a whole.

Fishing Spot Mangla Dam

Mangla Dam a famous fishing spot in Pakistan

Occupying nearly 27000 hectares, Mangla Dam remains one of the most popular and important fishing spots in Pakistan. With an outcome of approximately 1000 metric tons of fish each year, Mangla dam facilitates the livelihood of more than 15000 fishermen and 2000 anglers. The most hunted fish species include Mahasher and Rahu.

Fishing Spot Marala Headworks

Head Marala located in Sialkot Pakistan

If you are in search of a beautiful spot for recreation and picnic, Marala Headworks is where you should go. It is located near Sialkot city of Punjab at the Chenab River and is known as a wildlife sanctuary and unprotected wetland. People visit to Marala Headworks for fishing.  A large number of tourists visit Marala Headworks for angling and witnessing scenic beauty of the area.

Fishing Spot Kemari Port

Kemari Port in Karachi

One of the most popular fishing spots for recreational fishing is the Kemari-Manora channel along Karachi’s coastline. People not only from Pakistan, but from abroad tend to enjoy this experience as they row a boat from the Kemari port. The sailor then head towards Manora and stops the boat at a place where the sea is calm. While you enjoy the scenic views, the sailor catches fish and prepares a tasty meal for you, along with potatoes, bread and beverages. It is one of the best picnic fishing spots of Pakistan.

Fishing Spot Keenjhar Lake

Kheenjhar Lake the largest fresh water lake in Pakistan

Being the largest freshwater lake of Pakistan, Keenjhar Lake is one of the most enjoyable hunting and fishing spots in Pakistan. The lake is easily accessible from Karachi and Thatta. The economic importance of Keenjhar Lake can be demonstrated by the fact that over 50,000 people are dependent upon fishing in this lake.

Fishing Spot Satpara Lake

beautiful Satpara Lake in Skardu Baltistan

Another amazing fishing spot in Pakistan with a breathtaking scenic beauty is Satpara Lake, located at a popular tourism place, Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. This natural lake can be accessed via country boat and there is a popular myth surrounding Satpara Lake. People believe there is a gold mine at the bottom of the lake which makes the water shine during day time. The beautiful mountains surrounding the lake allow you to enjoy the scenic beauty while fishing. However, a fishing license needs to be purchased to carry out this activity in Satpara Lake.

Fishing Spot Khanpur Lake

Khanpur Lake Taxila

A popular tourist destination in Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the Khanpur Lake, a famous spot for fishing, speed boating and recreation. People  visiting Khanpur can also visit Taxila, adjoining Khanpur Lake. There are various historical places to explore including the famous Taxila Museum.

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