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Healthy Travel Snacks to Carry While Traveling

Healthy Travel Snacks to Carry While Traveling

While travelling, it isn’t just tiredness and road sickness that can be tough for you but encountering frequent hunger pangs is another usual travelling issue. While on a road trip, an easy way to satiate your hunger is buying snacks from a convenience store while filling your gas tank. However, convenience stores are filled with processed foods that are full of carbohydrates and harmful fatty acids. Opt for a healthier snack that will provide sufficient energy and vitamins for you to have a better trip instead of satisfying your hunger with fatty foods. Tripkar has prepared a list of well-balanced and scrumptious travel snacks, to make your trip healthier:

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Five star hotels in Dubai.

5 Stars Hotels in Dubai

Dubai – where life emerges at its full bloom to transpire the fun of living a high profile exotic lifestyle. If your life is full of fun, adventure, colors, class, luxury and swiftness for you, then Dubai is a must-visit destination for you. Mention any of your heart’s craving: you want to lounger, get cherished by the miracles of modernization, want to spring up to your feet to have some rock and roll while enjoying a whooping night life or glitz of premium shopping malls are magnetizing your attention, Dubai is your place to go! These perks of Dubai makes it an intrepid voyagers’ ultimate destination and has given a robust boost to its hotel industry. There are hotels with sparkling desert front, opulent beach resorts or finest lodging amenities – all these reasons associated with every hotel makes it difficult to choose a hotel accommodation.  For your ease, Tripkar has selected top 5 star hotels in Dubai, which will give you many reasons to prolong your lodging period – they are that luxurious!

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fourteen reasons to love Pakistan

14 Reasons Why We Love Pakistan

Celebrate the spirit of independence with vigor and pride! Here are 14 reasons for you to fall in love with Pakistan all over again:

1. Beauty

Explore beauty in Pakistan

Pakistan is an epitome of beauty. From the second highest mountain peaks to turquoise blue lakes and valleys to picturesque sceneries, the country is blessed. Now, becoming one of the most visited tourist destinations, Pakistan is visited by both local and foreign tourists. Beautiful resorts are built around the majestic northern areas including Shangrila Skardu and Murree Hill Station. For nature enthusiasts various camping sites are available, to experience peace and serenity. Pakistan is blessed with lush green forests, streams meandering around meadows and surreal wilderness.

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Useful tips to find cheap flight rates

Useful Tips to Find Cheap Flight Rates

We look forward to our holiday breaks as a way to refresh ourselves mentally and physically. When you go on a holiday trip you leave all the worries of your everyday life behind. There’s no schedule to adhere to, no toys to pick up, no errands to run, no school to attend and no boss to answer to. However, arranging a trip is not easy. The first thing to decide is the budget, especially if you plan to visit a foreign destination. From hotel accommodation to finding cheap flight rates to leisure activities, everything needs to be pre-planned for a fun filled trip.

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