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Budget hotels in skardu

Top Budget Hotels in Skardu

One of the most-visited tourist spots in Pakistan, Skardu, is situated amidst snow clad mountain peaks and picturesque sceneries. From pleasant weather to beautiful resorts and sightseeing, Skardu Pakistan is considered ‘Heaven on Earth’. To help you decide your accommodation which best suits your preferences, we bring you a list of top budget hotels in Skardu:

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Honeymoon in Istanbul

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Istanbul

Istanbul is undoubtedly an epitome of beauty. From turquoise blue waters and mindblowing architecture to stunning landscapes and modern tourist spots, Istanbul is a vibrant city and counted among some of the most popular tourist destinations. This beautiful place artfully blends two continents, Europe and Asia. For an exotic honeymoon, there is no better place: enjoy relishing Turkish delicacies, a romantic stroll on the shores of Bosphorus, historic landmarks and boating or a ferry ride through the breathtaking views of the islands and medieval villages.

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best travel movies

Travel Movies Not To Miss!

Whether you are planning a long journey on train or a short one on plane, watching exceptional travel movies will provide you with a special kind of excitement and motivation for wherever you are going either for sightseeing or trekking. There can be no better way to spend travel time than watching good travel movies.

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karachi deals sehri

Karachi Deals: Restaurants Offering the Best Sehris!

So, you already have the list of must-try iftars in Karachi , we have now compiled a list of the best sehris for you to relish  this Ramadan.  So gear up foodies, Tripkar has compiled  a list of Karachi deals i.e. perfect places for you  to go Sehri hunting and satisfy your taste buds with a variety of flavours at the best possible price.

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