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karachi deals

Karachi Ramadan Deals: Iftars you cannot afford to miss!

The month of Ramadan comes with its blessings and rewards but at the same time, it brings countless treats for foodies in the form of “all you can eat” and “iftar platters”. Tripkar has compiled a list of must-try iftar deals for the foodies in Karachi who look for scrumptious iftaris at a reasonable price! So enjoy your time planning an iftari out  with friends and family through our Karachi Ramadan deals. (Yes, you can thank us later).

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desi drinks to beat the hot summer

Desi Drinks to Beat the Hot Summers

With the flaming sun and markets percolating with lawn collections in every city of Pakistan, summers have set in. Time flies and before we knew it, June is right here. It started in March when spring subsided before it could officially depart. Summer in Pakistan comes with scorching sun, excessive load-shedding, ice cream, eternal love for mangoes, a lot of complaints about how hard and tough summer is and of course desi drinks!

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peshawar food

Tasty and Delicious Peshawar Food

Peshawar is home to rich culture and the hub of Pashto music, art and literature. Areas like Sethi Muhalla still consists of the captivating architecture of the old city with unbaked bricks and beautifully carved wooden doors. Besides architecture and art, Peshawar is also famous for its food, which is different yet delicious. Tripkar brings you a list of restaurants to eat Peshawar food for you to get on a roller coaster of flavors and irresistible aroma!

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curb your sugar craving by eating these halwa.

Best Halwa to Satisfy your Sugar Craving while Traveling

No matter how many exceptionally delicious desserts you are introduced to, halwa will always have a special place in your heart. Halwa being a traditional dessert is served on different occasions which mark happiness including Eid and weddings. The kinds of halwas that you can find in this country are amazing in terms of taste and variety. They are prepared using special recipes and served hot with proper garnishing for an ultimate taste. No matter where you plan to spend your vacations in Pakistan, halwa is an excellent dessert that you can take along and curbs your sugar craving. It is an ideal cure for your frequent craving for sugar and the best snack for you to keep throughout the trip. Here is a list of famous halwas which will leave you craving for more:

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desi breakfast in karachi

Top 5 Places for Desi Breakfast in Karachi

Our elders always tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so we should never skip it. The logic seems to be fair because after sleeping for several hours, our body needs something to extract energy from in order to keep us energetic throughout the day. If you are a real ‘foodie’ and want to see how breakfast is supposed to be done, you need to visit a number of places for a desi breakfast in Karachi which are well-known for their exceptional breakfast in terms of variety, taste and quality.

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