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technology ruined traveling experience?

Has Technology Ruined Traveling experience?

The television advertisement campaign for the Samsung Galaxy S5 showed how a man on a journey uses his high-tech phone for all sorts of purposes, never getting lost, recording his memories and staying in touch with the people back home. If I had to summarize the relationship between travel and technology, this would be the best example. The argument that travel is to get away from the world and “unplugging” yourself is, in my opinion, only up to the traveler. So the question remains whether technology ruined traveling experience or has it made it better?

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Archaeological sites in Pakistan.

Archaeological Sites in Pakistan for History Fanatics to Explore!

Pakistan is a land which has been the host of a number of civilizations in the past. The oldest civilization which is known to have existed here dates back to around 7000 B.C.  Such a rich history has made the country of particular interest to archaeologists and historians and travelers from different parts of the world. Tripkar brings you a list of some interesting archaeological sites in Pakistan:

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