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Fun Things to Do at the Beach

A day at the beach is a nice way to escape the daily routine and relax, especially for those living in Karachi. If you are planning to visit the beach, here are some fun things you can do to make your trip more enjoyable.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Go on a fun scavenger hunt.Collect items like rocks, sea shells, and sea weeds. Not only is this a fun activity to engage in but you will get some amazing free decoration pieces for your home.

Make a Sundial

Make a sundial.Take your kids along to the beach and teach them how to make a sundial and tell time using it! It just takes a stick and some rocks to make, and your kids will get to learn something interesting and also have fun while doing it. Here’s how you can make your own sundial.

Plaster of Paris Foot Prints

Plaster of Paris foot prints for memorable moments.Step on the sand and let your feet sink in. Pour a plaster of Paris mixture on your foot prints and wait till it solidifies. There you have it, a model of your very own feet as a souvenir!

Make Sand Structures

Make sand castles at the beach.Teach your kids how to make stuff out of sand. And then, let them make their own things. Let their creativity develop.

Watch the Sunset

Watch the sunset with your friends and family.Sunsets at the beach are always beautiful.

Make a Bonfire

Gather some woods for a fun bonfire.Light up a bonfire and spend a night at the beach. The waves are higher, and the moon light makes the scene worth watching. As you already have the bonfire going, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a BBQ party too. If you are spending an entire day at the beach, you don’t want to miss out on an evening bonfire and BBQ.

Horse and Camel Riding

Karachi beach offers various camel and horse rides.Riding a horse or camel along the seashore at Clifton is enjoyable not only for the kids but also adults. It’s a fun activity for families at the minimal of cost!

Sports and Games

Play beach volleyball.When leaving for the beach, don’t forget to take along your cricket kit, a football and a Frisbee. Playing on the beach sand with the waves passing by is fun for all.

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