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5 Top Famous Places You Must Visit In Murree

Blessed with gems of natural beauty, Hazara region of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa is full of green mountains, fascinating valleys, enthralling rivers, thick natural forests and lots of mesmerizing tourist resorts. Galyat region is among one of its most captivating summer resorts step by step unfolding panoramic views of the grandiosity, the nature has so lavishly showered on this mountain range. The wonders of nature can be seen in the shape of green pine forests and along the hilly tracks where herds of monkeys freely move with no fear from any one. The unpredictable change in climate during summer adds to Galyat’s fascination. Storming rains and then sunshine and then patches of dark or brown clouds or occasional rainbow adoring the sky are almost daily features. With Tripkar, a perfect summer getaway can be planned with various hotels at discount rates.

The name Galyat is taken from Urdu word gali, which means an alley between two mountains, with valleys on both sides. Galyat region is a hill tract extending on both sides of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab border. It is a narrow strip between Abbottabad and Murree Pakistan, located at 50-80 km north-east of Islamabad.  Many of the town in this area have the word gali as part of their names, and are popular tourists’ resorts. Galyat comprises of Nathiagali, Dungagali, Koozagali, Ayubia, Khanaspur, Khairagali and Changlagali.

Famous Place in Murree – Ayubia

Ayubia is situated in Abbotabad.Ayubia is a famous protected area located in Abbottabad district. It comprises of Four small hill resorts; Khanspur, Khairagali, Changlagali and Ghora Dhaka, lying close to one another. The central hill station of Ghjora Dhaka has a chair lift which provides a charming view of the surroundings.

Famous Place in Murree – Nathiagali

Nathiagali is a mountainous resort in Abbottabad.Known for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks and pleasant weather, Nathiagali is a mountainous resort in Abbottabad. The beautiful Nathiagali is the main and well planned hill station of Galyat range and is one of the most frequented resorts during summer season. A blend of old British and modern Pakistani construction can be seen in many of the architectural features of Nathiagali.

Famous Place in Murree – Thandiani

Thandiani is situated in the east of Abbottabad.The literal meaning of Thandiani is “cool air”. It is situated in the east of Abbottabad and is one of the famous hill stations of this region. It is a cool and comfortable place settled on a mountain, providing a panoramic view of the surroundings, especially the mountains of Kohistan and Kaghan can be easily seen. In winters these mountains are covered with snow. This beautiful summer resort provides number of treks with lots of other scenic views.

Famous Place in Murree – Dungagali

Dungagli is a famous summer resort on the slopes of Mushkpuri Hills.Dungagli is a famous summer resort on the slopes of Mushkpuri Hills, the second highest hill of Galyat range. Hundreds of people come to experience its beauty and its popular “Pipeline walk” of two hours to Ayubia usually in summer.

Famous Place in Murree – Changla Gali

changla gali snowfall

Considering to be the most important mountain resort in Galliat, as it is occupied with numerous hotels and guest houses for the tourist. The beauty of Changla gali takes more colors and amazement with the change in climate. The whole town is mild cold in summers and a heavy snowfall in winters. For scenic beauty and long pine trees it is always preferable for the tourist.

These are some of the famous areas of Galyat, they all are unique and beautiful in their own way. People visiting Northern areas of Pakistan visit this region specifically because Galyat range sums up the beauty of Punjab and Khyberpakhtunwa.

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