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Google Maps

Google Maps: Tips to Ease Travelling

Navigate the roads like a pro, using Google Maps. This powerful and user friendly application not only features maps but dynamically re-routes based on real-time information, and even suggests which lane to be in. Before Google Maps, travelling to a new city or a place used to be tenuous. Hiring a local guide or using a paper map has its own limitations especially in a country like Pakistan. Now one of the most useful applications, Google Maps provides accessibility like no other. Users only need to provide the name of their travel destination and the application opens the map and highlights all the directions for easy navigation.

With new updates and improvements, users can now access the directions to their preferred location anytime. With the following tips, make use of Google Maps for your ease.

Offline Mode

Offline mode on google maps

People who believe that technology has its limitations, especially applications that rely heavily on internet connectivity, should worry not. Google Maps work seamlessly in an offline mode, provided that the user has downloaded the map of their preferred travel destination. You can save various locations from Google Maps for your ease, and access them whenever you want to.


Access timeline on google map

Another helpful option available on Google Maps is the timeline. For users travelling to various locations or places can write and share about their experiences. People can also access a list of places from Google Maps designed according to the date and name of the place visited. The timeline option is extremely helpful especially when you need to revisit the same place. However, with the new update, people can now access their history regarding past locations with much more detail, including the duration spent.

Share Your Location

Share your location on google maps

Another useful feature introduced by Google Maps is ‘share your location’. Be it a famous tourist destination or an infamous tourist site, with this option you can share your location with  your friends and family instantaneously. People can then follow your directions specified on the map and reach you easily.

Voice Commands on Google Maps

Voice commands on google maps

With heavy fines imposed on texting while driving, and the increasing number of casualties, the management of Google Maps has now introduced voice commands. This useful feature will allow the user to simply tap the microphone option and give voice commands to the application. This option is highly sensitive, given that the command is clear and audible,  the user will find it easier to navigate using their voice only.

Jumping Straight to Navigation

Navigate easily on google maps

Google Maps is widely used for navigation. For accessibility, there is a short cut available for users. Tap the ‘Blue Car’ option and the navigation system on your device will activate.

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