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Trip To Gorakh Hill Station Sindh

When someone plans to spend their vacations in the craziest way possible, trip to various places of Pakistan immediately comes to mind. However, it is not always possible to go for a complete Pakistan tour due to time or budget constraints so it becomes difficult for people to choose between several options. Visiting beautiful hill stations of Pakistan has been a common trend in this country and people tend to have great experiences there. Here is some interesting information by Tripkar regarding Gorakh Hill Station:

Gorakh Hill Station is situated in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

When the question is about choosing the best hill station to spend your vacation at, you should immediately consider Gorakh Hill station without a second thought. To the northwest of Dadu city in Sindh, Gorakh Hill station is located at an elevation of approximately 5,688 feet in the Kirthar Mountains. Being at this elevation, the climate of Gorakh Hill is ideal for summer trips since the temperature remains below 20 degree Celsius with decent amount of annual rainfall. In winters, however, you are going to love this place if you can tolerate extreme temperatures since it falls below zero.

Gorakh Hill Station.

Although Gorakh Hill station is already quite easily accessible, Government is constructing a new road connecting Dadu to Gorakh Hill. In order to currently reach Gorakh Hill, travelers are required to visit Dadu city first via one of the two routes including Indus highway and National Highway. From Dadu, travelers book a 4-wheel drive to proceed towards Gorakh hill. As far as accommodation at hill station is concerned, two rest houses had been constructed in the area while majority of people decide to camp at Gorakh hills. Also known as the ‘Murree of Sindh, Gorakh hill station experiences snowfall in some years and that is the best scenic beauty one can ever witness.

Gorakh Hill Station.

A major precaution to take before planning a trip to Gorakh Hill Station is that do not even think of traveling without a 4 wheel drive. The roads beyond Sehwan and later after Juhi are in extremely rough condition which makes it impossible for regular vehicles to be used. If you need anything for the Hill station, make sure to stop at Wahi Pandi which is the last town before your destination. As you reach closer to Gorakh, the road gets better and you eventually come across one restaurant in that area. Food and water supplies are available in this restaurant apart from a wireless telephone connection. However, the households of Gorakh have no source of living other than livestock. While electricity is available in the area, it often gets disrupted.

Finally you should keep in mind that since Gorakh’s temperature can be extreme at times, you must go well-equipped with the necessary items and warm clothing. However, keep some light clothes as well since you may need to feel comfortable according to the weather conditions. One suggestion to help you have an extraordinary experience at Gorakh Hill Station is to enjoy the barbeque that the restaurant in that area can organize for you. Have a cup of tea while enjoying the scenic beauty and attack the scrumptious barbeque later on!

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