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The emerging Gwadar Port City.

Gwadar Port City: The Emerging Dubai of Pakistan

Gwadar Port City is said to be the emerging Dubai of Pakistan. Long being neglected by the previous government, Gwadar has finally been spotted – ready to rule the political, geographical and economical scenario of the world. Gwadar was bought by Pakistan in 1958 from Oman – once a territory of Oman is now a gem of Pakistan. The geographical location of Gwadar has been acknowledged worldwide and now the development initiatives being taken including the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) have further strengthened its significance. Gone are the days when Gwadar was regarded just as a town of fishermen; it is now more than that – the emerging economic hub of the region with many other perks which are yet to be unmasked.

Tripkar brings you a list of upcoming development initiatives near Gwadar Port City to promote economic prosperity in Pakistan:

Industrial Zone

Industrial Zone setup in Gwadar Balochistan, Pakistan CPEC project of industrial zone in Gwadar, Pakistan

Government is planning to make an industrial zone in Gwadar; hence, there is a huge margin for local and international investors for investment purposes. To enhance and encourage investment and business initiatives in Gwadar, government is levying preferable policies. Gwadar Free Trade Zone and the Gwadar Special Economic Zone are two such areas where government has given tax exemptions for companies encouraging investments.

Real Estate

SPEC project Gwadar Balochistan Pakistan Amazing aerial view of Gwadar Port, Blaochistan Pakistan

As the motto of government is to make Gwadar a metropolitan city, so besides developing industrial zone, government also plans to establish real estates in Gwadar. This will not only give a lavishing look to the city, but it will also give lodging opportunities to the people who want to stay in the port city. Till date, there are at least 15 housing schemes which are working to unleash their charisma in evolving Gwadar into the ‘City of the world’.

Tourist Attractions

Beautiful blue waters of Gwadar Port, Balochistan, Pakistan

Including the geographical and industrial significance of Gwadar, there are various beautiful tourist spots for travelers to enjoy. Besides recreational sites’ development plans of government, Gwadar already has many local tourist attractions. With the Gwadar in t he limelight, these tourist attractions like Ormara, Hammerhead, The Sphinx, Princess of Hope, Astola Island and Buzzi pass are also now acknowledged by many and are boasting tourism. The government also plans to make these tourists attractions better by initiating development and restoration plans.

Gwadar International Airport

Gwadar airport under construction

Gwadar port under development in CPEC project

The government also plans to construct an airport which will be located just 14 Km from the main city. The Gwadar International Airport will cater international standard of services including the largest passenger planes. There are plans to further extend the development in Gwadar that will enhance the flow of tourism and investment in Gwadar. Within a few years, Gwadar will emerge as one of the most happening places in the world!

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