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Haunted sites in Pakistan.

Halloween Special: Top Haunted Sites in Pakistan

The mysteries of the unknown have always fascinated the human mind. Be it a terrifying ghost story, century old urban myth or an eerie superstition, the unexplained occurrences or mysteries involving paranormal phenomena will always chill your bones to their very core. If you wake up to strange noises, feeling of someone watching you in an otherwise empty room and electronic disturbances, believe it or not your house may be haunted. Tripkar brings you the top four  haunted sites in Pakistan. Get ready to witness ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices and blood-curdling screams:

Mohatta Palace, Karachi

Mohatta Palace in Karachi is one of the top haunted sites in Pakistan.

Located in Karachi, Mohatta Palace- turned museum, is an elaborate stone building that is said to be haunted. Many guards have reported that there is a paranormal presence around the palace, with objects moving around on their own and strange noises reported on many occasions.

Shamshan Ghat, Hyderabad

This graveyard is said to be 200 years old. It has been reported that Hindus used to live in this place. A lot of rituals involving burning and sacrificial traditions were carried out in this graveyard. Guards have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of kids and adults around this place.

Chowkandi Graveyard, Karachi

One of the haunted sites in Pakistan is the Chowkandi Graveyard, Karachi.

This ancient graveyard is located at the National Highway of Karachi and is said to be haunted by a lot of spirits. Many have reported the sight of ghosts around the graves and mysterious noises in the graveyard. It is strongly advised to not visit the graveyard after the sun sets.

The Sheikhupura Fort, Sheikhpura

Sheikhupura fort in Sheikhupura, Pakistan.

Also known as Qila Sheikhupura, this fort served as the royal residence to the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and his son. However, this fort has been left abandoned and is said to be haunted since the Mughal Era. A lot of unfortunate events took place in the Qila including various intruders causing destruction and a number of foreign invasions leading to bloodshed. However, the fort is considered to be haunted by paranormal spirits making it difficult for people to carry out restoration activities.

Visit these famous haunted sites in Pakistan and fulfill your desire to experience some unexplained paranormal activity!

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