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Healthy Travel Snacks to Carry While Traveling

Healthy Travel Snacks to Carry While Traveling

While travelling, it isn’t just tiredness and road sickness that can be tough for you but encountering frequent hunger pangs is another usual travelling issue. While on a road trip, an easy way to satiate your hunger is buying snacks from a convenience store while filling your gas tank. However, convenience stores are filled with processed foods that are full of carbohydrates and harmful fatty acids. Opt for a healthier snack that will provide sufficient energy and vitamins for you to have a better trip instead of satisfying your hunger with fatty foods. Tripkar has prepared a list of well-balanced and scrumptious travel snacks, to make your trip healthier:

Go Nuts on Nuts

Carry dry fruits while traveling on long air routes.

While traveling we frequently indulge in potato chips which are full of fats and are one of the number one causes for obesity and diabetes. Replace chips with nuts. This will not only satisfy your crunch and munch but will also restore your protein deficiency. Peanuts, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds and pine nuts are good combinations of healthy fiber and protein. While travelling, don’t forget to buy dry fruits, a great option for travel munchies.

Don’t Miss out on Fruits

Carry fruits like apples that satiate your hunger instantly.

Yes, fruits are one of the best food items to include in your travel snacks. They are juicy, healthy and instantly satisfy your hunger. Travel-friendly fruits like, apples, banana, pear, peaches and apricots are easier to carry. Avoid carrying fruits that are full of nectar and juices, including mangoes and watermelon which can cause a mess. You may need to carry insulated cooler to keep them fresh and cool. Once you have them on your trip, you will find that they are the best food to carry while travelling.

Veggies are a Must

Boiled vegetables can satisfy frequent hunger pangs.

When it comes to snacks, boiled vegetables are all you need. They are perhaps the most convenient and easy to make snacks for en-route snacking. You can dip them in peanut butter for a protein boost or non-fat yogurt for a taste of creamy and crunchy snacking.

Opt for healthier snack options that will leave you feeling fresh and energized for a longer period of time!

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