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Hotels in Hunza Valley.

Hotels in Hunza Valley

If  you’re planning a trip to administer nature’s magnificent beauty, Hunza Valley is the place to be. Not only will it be a feast for your senses but it will remind you that this world has a lot to offer. With places like these tourism in Pakistan has reached its peak. People all around the globe come here to appreciate the beauty of nature. It is probably the most magnificent place in the world. Tripkar brings you a list of hotels in Hunza Valley for a comfortable stay:

Hunza Valley is located in the northern areas of Pakistan. Attabad Lake, is an artificial lake created in 2010 due to massive landslide. Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

Hunza Serena Inn

Hunza Serena Inn is situated amidst magnificent scenery in the ancient town of Karimabad.

Hunza Serena Inn is the finest hotel situated in Karimabad central Hunza. The hotel has 4 star standard rooms offering breathtaking views of Ultal mountain and Baltit village. The hotels is small but offers comfortable accommodation. Hunza Serena Inn stands amidst magnificent setting with astounding views of the Hunza Valley. It is located in the foot of Mount Ultar on six acres of landscaped grounds. The inn overlooks green terraced fields and the Hunza River.

Hunza Serena Inn has astounding views and overlooks lush green terraces.

Eagle Nest

Eagle Nest hotel is situated amidst lofty mountain peaks providing magnificent views to the guests and visitors.

Situated ten thousand feet above sea level is the Eagle Nest Hotel.  The hotel is easily accessible by jeep from Hunza. Eagles Nest Hotel offers magnificent views of Rakaposhi, Ultar, Golden peak and snow capped mountains. Eagle Nest Hotel is one of the best and most easily accessible viewpoints in the whole of Hunza valley with view that can easily steal your breath away. Guests staying at Eagle Nest Hotel can enjoy beautiful views of the sunset and sunrise.

Spacious standard room bedrooms at Eagles Nest hotel situated in Hunza Valley.

Hunza Embassy Hotel

Hunza Embassy Hotel is a 4 star hotel located in Hunza, that provides both luxury and comfort at economical rates.

Renovated and converted into a 3.5 star hotel in Hunza, Embassy Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Hunza Valley. The hotel provides various facilities including an on-site restaurant that offers scrumptious cuisines. Hunza Embassy offers a spectacular view of Rakaposhi mountain, the 27th highest mountain in the world.

Hunza Embassy Hotel is located at Rakaposhi mountain that offers mind blowing views.

Hunza Darbar Hotel

Darbar Hotel in Hunza offers magnificent views of Hunza Valley.

One of the most famous and reasonable  hotels in Hunza valley, Darbar Hotel is surrounded by thick forest and lofty mountain peaks. Located at the center of Karimabad, Hunza Darbar Hotel offer 40 rooms including various amenities for a comfortable stay.

Darbar Hotel in Hunza is a popular hotel that offers spacious rooms and caters to every need.

Hunza View Hotel

Hunza View Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Hunza that offers spacious rooms and beautiful scenery.

Hunza View Hotel is a 2 star hotel in Karimabad. A good choice if you are looking for a hotel that offers basic facilities on economical rates.

Foreigners enjoying a scrumptious meal on the roof top of the hotel located in Hunza.

PTDC Motel 

Book your hotel rooms at the PTDC Motel situated in Hunza for a comfortable stay.
PTDC Motel Hunza, offers 3 star facilities, amazing food and spectacular view of the Nagar Valley. PTDC Motel is surrounded by breath taking views. It takes a day from the hotel to Nagar valley overlooking the great Hoper Glacier.

Book a hotel online with Tripkar and enjoy a hassle free and comfortable trip to  one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, Hunza Valley.

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