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hotels in naran

Hotels in Naran

Naran is one of the most visited tourist destinations. It is a small village nestled at the foot of Himalaya mountains. It is known for its plush green mountains and also for the famous Lake Saif-ul-Maluk. Naran has now developed into a beautiful tourist hub. With various hotel and resorts available for accommodation at convenient rent and rates.

Tripkar has compiled a list of the best hotels in Naran for a comfortable stay:

Hotel De-Manchi Hotels in Naran

De-Manchi Hotel is furnished with all services and facilities of international criteria. It is a 3- star luxury hotel in Naran. The hotel boasts beautiful views and is located on top of the hills, overlooking the Kaghan Valley.
Hotel De-Manchi is known for its traditional standards while also introducing new services and facilities. Guests are guaranteed a friendly and hospitable staff with the benefit of all the latest entertainment systems, in rooms and all over the hotel.
Facilities and Services in De-Manchi Hotel Naran:
o 42 Rooms with Attached Baths
o Meeting Room.
o T.V Entertainment
o Car parking with Rent a Car Service.
o Best Security System.
o Telephone in Rooms.
o WiFi Internet facility.
o Snooker Club.
o Conference Hall.
o Laundry.
o Doctor on call.
o Meeting Rooms.

Pine Park Hotel

Pine Park Hotel in Naran

Pine Park is situated at Saif ul Maluk Road, Naran Pakistan. It is one of the best hotels in Naran. Pine Park is a beautifully built hotel located near the famous Saif-ul-Malook valley. It is a 3 star luxury hotel and provides many facilities such as:
o Conference Hall
o LCD in each Room
o 3D Movie Theater
o Cafe De Lounge
o Restaurant
o Bonfire
o Wi Fi Internet
o Rent a Car
o Laundry
o Tuck Shop
o Barber Shop
o Children Play Area
o Parking Area

Royal Hotel

small bedroom at Royal Hotel Naran

Royal Hotel Naran is a traditional small hotel in central Naran. The hotel is located at the foot of the Himalayan mountain. Royal Hotel Naran provides clean rooms with attached bathrooms, having an urban decor. The Royal Hotel Naran has a cafeteria in it as well that offers various cuisines including traditional food.
Facilities and Services in Royal Hotel Naran:
o Single & Double Bedrooms
o Telephone
o Television
o Room Service
o Attached Bathroom
o Laundry
o Tuck Shop
o Parking Area etc.

PTDC Motel

Hotel in Naran PTDC motel

The location of PTDC Motel Naran is the beautiful Kaghan Valley, Naran Pakistan. The PTDC Motel, Naran is located on the banks of the Kunhar River. It is renowned as a spot for trout fishing. Its is one of the most famous hotels in Naran. The Motel is basically a 20 acre compound having regular rooms, huts and economy rooms. There are also 3 VIP cottages near the motel at the adjacent mountain top. The restaurant with its western and traditional cuisine is always willing to please anglers with outstandingly prepared trout. A TV lounge near the restaurant overlooks the lush green lawns.
Facilities and Services in Ptdc Motel Naran:
o Rooms with attached baths
o Meeting Room
o T.V Entertainment
o Car parking
o Best Security System
o Telephone in Rooms
o Wifi Internet facility
o Snooker Club
o Conference Hall
o Laundry
o Doctor on call
o Meeting Rooms
o Car rent services
o Tuck shop
o Free Room service

Lalazar Hotel

Lalazar hotel in Naran

Lalazar is a tourist hotel situated 21 km far from Naran town, Kaghan valley. It is located at the approx. height of 10500 feet or 3199 meters. Lalazar is a luxurious green field full of wild flowers and fir forests. It is accessible by a jeep track from Naran via Battakundi. A rest house and two small hotels are also here which provides room, food, tea & drinks to tourists.The hotel offers basic facilities like attached bath, television, telephone and standard beds. The hotel is best alternative after PTDC motel in Kaghan. Facilities and Services in Lalazar Hotel Naran:
o Room service
o Restaurant
o Rent a Jeep on demand
o Hot and cold water
o Laundry
o Doctor on call
o Telephone in every room
o Attached bath with each room
o Double and single bed rooms
o Standard rooms

Kunhar View Hotel

Master Bedroom at Kunhar View Hotel Naran

Kunhar Hotel is situated at Gilgit Road, Naran Pakistan. Kunhar View is a budget hotel in the touristic town of Naran in the Kaghan valley of Pakistan. It is a 2 star and luxury hotel in Naran. It is one of the most beautiful hotels in Naran. Kunhar View makes the Kunhar Hotel Naran a special place to stay.
Facilities and Services in Kunhar View Hotel Naran:
o Breakfast
o Concierge
o Free Parking
o Free Wifi
o Restaurant
o Room Service
o Triple Room
o Double Bedroom
o Master Bedroom
o Balcony
o Shower
o Telephone
o TV LCD/Plasma

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