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Travel with a theme

How to Travel with a Theme

Do you tend to stick to sightseeing, involving the famous tourist spots only?

Do you enjoy following your own travel plan with little or no changes?

Are you open to learning a new language or interacting with the locals?

No matter what the answers to the questions are, this does not mean a ‘typical tourist’ only travels with a detailed blue print in mind.  however, if you do believe a certain spark is missing, then its time to go off the beaten path and discover the unbeknownst amongst the usual! The point being:

Travel with a theme!

As you probably know the sheep-effect usually happens when people choose to see famous monuments, landmarks, museums or any other type of written-in-the-book attractions. Thousands of tourists are gathered around the usual nooks and corners that have been photographed and pondered upon A LOT of times. However, this is in no way discouraged, there is no denying the amusement to see the world’s famous places with your own eyes.

A typical tourist

But lets just believe how satisfying’ thinking out of the box’ in traveling can be? Lets just jog around the idea that this time when you travel,  have a specific focus or a theme in mind?! Instead of trying to see the usual well known sites opt for a trip entailing scenic hikes only or learn about an industry specific to the city/place OR with a notion to stumble upon an unfathomable secret held by the historic ruins you plan to visit!

typical tourist place

Thousands of possibilities ensue with a theme in mind! you can visit the same place again pertaining to the focus you plan to pursue. For instance you have already visited a world renowned marvel everyone has been raving about or seen the Seven Wonders of the world and jotted down how unbelievably pleasing the whole experience has been. Per say this time opt for a different perspective. Go visit the same ‘Wonder of the world’ swarmed with travelers and tourist alike and chose a random direction onwards as a theme in mind. You will be surprised by the whole new encounter. There will be crowded streets, local eateries, congested houses and local attractions unbeknownst the travel guide of Lonely Planet. 

Travel With a Purpose

Travel with a purpose in mind

‘Travel with a purpose’ may seem random, but carries a lot of substance. Find something meaningful to you that can motivate you to book a ticket and take that road trip that has been pending since forever. There are people who travel with only local transportation mediums in mind. Why opt for hassle and not convenience? This is because you will learn and explore with a better elucidation about the city. You will know there is much more than the ‘Disney Land mindset’ we are so often complacent about. Opting for a local bus transport will give you more substance and will surprisingly tell you more about the grey’s of the city. you will have time to observe local people, interact with them, ponder over scenic views and explore small stopovers. You can also pin point how convenient and fun this can be for people planning to travel on a budget. It is time we change the whole travelling-is-for-rich-people-only perspective!

Travel With a Theme

travel with a particular theme in mind

So how do you travel with a theme in mind? This requires a bit more research. Firstly identify the foremost purpose/motivation of your next trip. And while we are at it, lets just side line the usual getting away from the regular hub bub of life. Pick a theme! this can be reliving an era, learning about cheese production, cultural enlightenment, a savory food festival or exploring art galleries. Aim for a theme you are most interested to explore about.

Once you have decided upon a theme: RESEARCH

An in depth research is the way to go even if your theme revolves around the destination you have already visited. Stumble upon personal blogs that will provide you the much needed insights and advice regarding the destination in mind. Watch detailed documentaries and movies particularly pertaining to the theme and city. Use multiple key words in your research for instance if your theme revolves around hiking, your first search will obviously be  ‘famous hiking trails’ but try expanding your horizon and compile a list of hiking trails that will then again fulfill your purpose exponentially.

travel research is important

Foremost, plan your trip beforehand. Even if you opt for random directions on a map laid out, a certain plan is still required. For example, how to reach there especially if you are on a budget. Prioritize the whole theme accordingly and plan out an optimal route. Morover, you can also reach out to locals that will have a whole lot more to tell you. You can join various groups on social media and reach out to many local guide and experts for a better understanding and planning.

Make a Difference

travel with a theme

Opting for a travel theme actually translates to a notion differing others. Follow your heart and make a difference and do what most people believe is delusional, crazy or impossible.  Become an explorer. Exploration has never been more popular than today. The simplistic claim that apart from the deepest oceans and outer space, there is nowhere left to explore, is wrong. The world isn’t fully explored and never will be. Make dangerous, difficult and unique journeys for the main purpose of bringing back news from faraway lands. It may include personal challenges, as much as it might be delusional, but it is almost always driven by curiosity and a great willpower of making a difference.

Lets break free from the usual and travel with a theme!

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