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Jashn-e-Shikarpur: Celebrating Sindhi Culture

Pakistan stands out among all the South Asian countries by being a most diverse country which incorporates different cultures in it; representing different ethnic groups, speaking different languages and following different rituals. One of the festival celebrated nation wide is Jashn-e-Shikarpur. The people of Pakistan do not only follow their cultures themselves but they feel glorified in celebrating and presenting their cultures to other people, so that people get to know about their traditions and their rituals and appreciate them. Following their rituals and traditions they organize different events and festivals to share and celebrate their happiness. They gather and perform different obligations, participate in different sports, perform their traditional dances, share their feelings and happiness. These festivals are a great symbol of their unity and represent their culture elegantly.

Celebrating Sindhi Culture during Jashn-e-Shikarpur.

Jashn-e-Shikarpur is also one of the famous festivals held every year in Pakistan in the month of February or March. This festival is organized in the Shikarpur district in Sindh province, representing culture of that area in a charming and appealing way. The festival typically includes traditional sports competition, exhibition of handicrafts, folk music and traditional dances of people.Sindhi Culture is one of the ancient cultures of the sub-continent and it is famous for presenting Indus Valley civilization, where the aesthetic utilization of leisure was gratified, along with a blend of modern culture. The agricultural practices, arts and crafts, customs and traditions and other parts of social life of people in Sindh represent the ancient Indus Valley Civilization.


The sports competition involves the competition in some of the regional Sindhi games, for instance, Malakra, Kodi Kodi and Wanjh Watti. Many people specially youngsters participate enthusiastically in these competition and show their talent. Besides this, animal sports competition is one of the segments of the festival people look forward to and enjoy it a lot. People prepare and train their animals, for example, dogs, horses and camels etc, for these annual sports competition.The exhibition of handicrafts includes the showcasing of some typical Sindhi traditional arts and crafts. Women, specifically teen age girls, participate in this activity enthusiastically and showcase their talents. Exhibition of typical Sindhi Ajraks, Pot paintings, Appliqué work and other stuff is the speciality of the festival.

Moreover, the folk music and traditional Sindhi dances at the occasion are there to add serenity to the environment, along with representing the culture of Sindh. Poetry recitation of famous Sindhi poets like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal Sarmast, Shah Abdul Karim Bulri, Sheikh Ayaz is one of the favorite part of the people there. At the occasion of Jashn-e-Shikarpur, everyone gets so excited and enthusiastic, and enjoys every moment of the events to the fullest. You can feel the pleasure and happiness spread everywhere. Moreover, the sense of hospitality in the people impresses the visitors from all over the country, as they welcome their guests with a very warm-heart.

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