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deadly k2 mountain in pakistan

K2 Mountain- Deadlier than Mount Everest!

Nature has an innate charm which attracts humans. This attraction is so potent that sometimes it just mutes the logical part of the brain and entices man to plunge in its beauty without caring about the consequences. Some people’s love for nature gets satisfied by mere sight of natural beauty, whereas others love to get more involved. They get involved to an extent that at times it leads them towards death, just like the second highest peak in the world, the deadly K2 mountain!

The Savage K2

A dead body covered in snow at K2.

Natural beauty doesn’t always engross you warmly. Sometimes your interaction with nature results in danger, disaster and eventually death! Since centuries have hikers been climbing mountains. Some of them returned victorious and proud, while others did not return at all, their bodies buried under piles of snow for years. There are various stories pertaining to the dangers of climbing the mighty K2, the reason it is called the deadly mountain. The first victim of K2 was Dudley Wolfe. He was a rich adventurer who was on an American expedition led by Fritz Weissner in 1939. Known as the Savage Mountain because of the extremely harsh and challenging ascent, K2, among the eight thousanders has the 2nd highest fatality rate. Besides, this mountain is known to have around 300 successful summits and a total of 80 fatalities. However, out of every four climbers, at least one person dies during the summit.

However, despite the challenges and the stories of death on the deadly mountain, the passion of living on the edge and climbing K2 has enticed many hikers from around the world. The first successful summit of K2 mountain was of an Italian expedition group which took the Abruzzi Spur route to reach the top and finally reached the peak of the mountain on 31 July 1954.

The Fatal K2 Mountain

the deadly k2 mountain with steep slopes

With a height of 8,611 meters above sea level, K2 surpasses Mount Everest in terms of difficulty of climbing. This pompous mountain seldom allows people to conquer itself. For every 100 climbers who endeavored to reach the summit of K2, 29 died, as compared to Everest where out of 100 climbers only 4 died.

Maybe the reasons of regarding K2 as the deadliest mountain are due to its erected shape, steep slopes, unpredictable climate and impulsive rock fall and avalanches. Avalanches, falling meteors and unbelievably low levels of oxygen are the usual causes of deaths. During winters, even the most passionate mountaineers do not prefer climbing K2. Besides avoiding the winter summit aspiration, hikers mostly go for Abruzzi route, although there are ten of them to reach the top.

All the aspirants who dare to attempt to conquer K2 know that there are steep slopes and deadly terrain waiting to greet them. However, it is the charm of the enigmatic beauty of K2 mountain that attracts the mountaineers.

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