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The beautiful Kalash Valley of Hindukush.

The beautiful Kalash Valley of Hindukush

Ever thought of going for a tour to a beautiful place like Chitral? Considering the popularity of tourism in Chitral, we can assume that you surely did plan for a tour to this magnificent place. On your visit to Chitral district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there is one place you cannot miss going to and that is the Kalash Valley!

Surrounded by the Hindukush mountain range, Kalash Valley attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Travelers visit this place to witness the scenic beauty and also to learn more about the lost civilization of Kalash people.The population is estimated to be approximately of 10,000 people out of which less than a third are Kalash people also known as ‘Kalasha’. Including Kalash Valley, Tripkar brings you three more magnificent valleys situated near Kalash:


Bamburet largest valley in Kalash.

20 kilometers away from the village of Ayun Valley is Bumburet, the largest valley of Kalash. The fact that the valley consists of shady meadows, sparkling streams, apricot and walnut trees, groves of mulberry and green fields makes Bumburet the most beautiful valley in Kalash. Adjoining the valley is Nuristani village located near the government rest house from where the route leading to Shawal pass begins. So do not miss this place as you plan your journey to Chitral.


Rumbur in Kalash Pakistan.

To the north of Bumburet is the valley where relatively fewer tourists visit named as Rumbur. Rumbur is quite narrower than Bumburet and does not have the shady meadows but still has been termed as ‘rugged and majestic’ due to higher mountain ridges and wild river. The environment is extremely peaceful and you will enjoy spending a day or two at this breathtaking valley.


Birir in Kalash.

Birir is beautiful in a unique way. With very few shady meadows and pastures that lies on the lowest altitude than the other two valleys. The climate is hot but the amazing part is that Birir grows the best grapes you can ever taste. In reality, Birir valley is wider than Rumbur. It is the smallest valley of all at an altitude of approximately 5476 feet. Birir is located at the Southern-most end of Chitral and can be accessed via a road through Ayan Valley. However, most tourists prefer trekking to the valley instead of using jeep.

So on your visit to Kalash valley, it would be an amazing experience if you witness the beauty of all three valleys. For tourists there are various budget friendly hotels in Chitral district offering various services for a comfortable stay. Weather is pleasant almost throughout the year with summer temperatures ranging from 23 to 27 degree Celsius and winters going as low as one degree Celsius.  

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