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Karachi Deals: Restaurants Offering the Best Sehris!

So, you already have the list of must-try iftars in Karachi , we have now compiled a list of the best sehris for you to relish  this Ramadan.  So gear up foodies, Tripkar has compiled  a list of Karachi deals i.e. perfect places for you  to go Sehri hunting and satisfy your taste buds with a variety of flavours at the best possible price.

Salt n’ Pepper Village

Salt n Pepper Village Karachi

For a mix of desi and continental, fulfilling sehri, Salt n’ Pepper Village is a perfect choice which is offering delicious food at Sehri Buffet. At a cost of just Rs. 895 plus tax, you can enjoy a huge variety of food that the restaurant serves.

Pizza Max

Pizza Max Ramadan Deals

What can be better than having exceptionally delicious pizza with tempting cheese and sauces for Sehri? Pizza Max offers a Sehri buffet for just Rs. 699 from 2am till Sehri. Eating as much as you can in this price seems to be an excellent offer and you must try their taste at least once. We can bet that you will visit Pizza Max again!

Bella Vita

Sehri Deal Bella Vita Karachi

With mouthwatering starters, delicious breakfast items and tempting entrees, Bella Vita has emerged as one of the best dining options in Karachi. Despite the awesome iftari deal, Bella Vita offers free pizza with order of and above Rs. 1250 from midnight till Sehri. You do not want to miss the opportunity of free pizza, no Karachiite would!

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Ramadan Deal

A popular name among the fast food chains, Pizza Hut is another excellent place to have your Sehri at. With special discounts, Pizza Hut offers various deals including a pan pizza and drink for Rs. 279 plus tax, one regular pizza and two drinks for Rs. 799 plus tax and one large pizza with 1.75 litre drink for just Rs. 999 plus tax. With such a great name and taste, you cannot find a better Sehri deal for yourself in Karachi!

14th Street Pizza Co.

Pizza Hut Ramadan Deal

Since Karachiites are usually too obsessed with pizza, here is another place you must order pizza from for Sehri, 14th Street Pizza. One hungry tummy can be satisfied with the Sehri deal that starts with Rs. 349 only. The deal is valid from 11pm till Sehri so make sure you do not miss out on the deal!

Del Frio

Del Frio Sehri Deal

A leading name in the food industry, Del Frio serves scrumptious food at highly competitive rates during Ramadan. Along with the surprising Iftar deal, Del Frio offers free pizza or sandwich on orders of and above Rs. 1200 from midnight till Sehri.

Since all of us have an undying love for food, do visit these places for exceptional sehri offers and enjoy your “mega sehris”!

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