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khewra mines

Rich in Salt: The Khewra Mines

I must correct my claim in the title, the Khewra Mines have a lot more salt than a pinch. By any means this is Pakistan’s largest and the World’s second largest Salt Range. Located in the Jhelum District, it is approximately 154 km from Rawalpindi. While making stops on the Motorway, this is one of the best places to visit. It has recently been developed as an attractive tourist spot, with lots of decorations and tour guides. There are also government built guest houses nearby.

Khewra Mines located in the Jhelum District.

Along with being rich in salt, Khewra Mines have an equally rich history. This historic range was discovered when Alexander the Great crossed the subcontinent. As great as he was, Alexander owes this one to his trusty steeds because the salt range was identified when his fleet found all the horses licking the rocks and ground in this area. The sick horses also recovered after licking on the rocks after which it came to their understanding that they were standing atop a large salt range. Salt wasn’t excavated from here till the Mughal Era, during which it was traded all across Central Asia. The British Rule saw more development in the Khewra mines as the main tunnel was excavated and mining on a large scale was started.

Khewra Mines is a beautiful sightseeing adventure for kids and adults.

In a more recent history, some replicas of Pakistani landmarks have been made using the Rock-salt such as the Minar-e-Pakistan. Adding to that, a beautiful mosque has also been made inside the mines, with two signature minarets. An electric train has been built within the mines to aid the tourists in sightseeing the whole place. The mines become even more beautiful when the crystals are cleverly used with light to make for some dazzling visuals!

Salt crystals are used to make famous sculptures in Khewra Mines.

The fun doesn’t stop here. Along with being a great sightseeing adventure, you may also add special souvenirs to your list. These souvenirs, which are designed into different things, are built from the salt mined from here. They make for some beautiful decorations around the house. Lamps, ashtrays, or just fancy paperweights are available at a bargain at Khewra Mines considering the craft and the beauty of the objects.

All in all, a flavorful day is guaranteed if you pay a visit to the Khewra Mines. There is a lot to see, do and buy in this wonder of Pakistan. It has become much more approachable and tourist friendly as compared to before after the Government’s initiative to open this national treasure to the travelers and make it a place of interest for the locals and especially for the foreigners!

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