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Lahore Pakistan: The City of Gardens

As the capital city of Punjab,  and 15th most populous city in the world, Lahore Pakistan holds immense historical and cultural importance, heavily influenced by the Mughal Empire and the British Raj before Pakistan’s partition. Today, the old Lahore which is popularly known as the walled city of Lahore attracts thousands of tourists each year pertaining to its architectural beauty and rich history. Lahore is also famous for its various food points and recreational spots providing both historical and contemporary gratification.

Lahore is also known as the ‘City of Gardens” given the number of parks located in the city including; Bagh-e-Jinnah, Hazuri Bagh, Iqbal Park and the famous Shalimar Gardens.

Walled City Lahore


From the rule of Hindus to Buddhists, Sikhs, British, Greeks and Muslims, Lahore has experienced all rules and regiments referring to its rich history of more than a thousand years. Some oral traditions narrate that Lahore Pakistan, was named after the son of Hindu god Rama, Lava, also pronounced as Loh. It is believed that he founded the city and hence there is a temple today at Lahore Fort dedicated to him. The most ancient document on Lahore was written in 982 named as Hudud-I-Alam which was published in English, in 1927. The document beautifully describes Lahore as a city with breathtaking temples, markets, food streets and orchards.

Although Lahore was first ruled by the Hindus and the British, the Mughal Empire was the period when the ‘City of Gardens’ reached its architectural glory and gained historical prominence. Beautiful architectural landmarks such as the Badshahi Mosque and Alamgiri gate were built during the Mughal Era. Despite being under the British rule, Lahore Pakistan has played an important role in the country’s independence pertinent to the famous Lahore resolution passed in 1940.

Bahria Mosque

Places to Visit

When it comes to tourism, following are some notable places to visit:

Badshahi Mosque

Lahore is usually acknowledged by the famous Badshahi mosque, which was constructed by Aurangzeb, the sixth Mughal Emperor, in the 17th century. The beautiful use of red sandstone and marble in the mosque demonstrates the amazing architectural creativity, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions of Lahore.

Shalimar Gardens

Another popular tourism spot built during the Mughal Empire in the 17th century and famous for its greenery is the Shalimar Gardens, located next to the Badshahi Mosque.

Lahore Fort

Commonly known as Shahi Qila, the Lahore Fort is located near the Badshahi Mosque in the walled city of Lahore Pakistan. Two gates were built for the entrance in the Fort namely Alamgiri and Maseeti Gate, marking it as a must-visit place for tourists.


The beautiful landmark which portrays a blend of Islamic, Mughal and modern architecture, marks the historical prominence of Lahore Pakistan is also situated near Badshahi Mosque. Built in 1960, Minar-e-Pakistan proudly displays the foremost step towards Pakistan’s independence.

Data Durbar

The famous Islamic sanctuary, where the remains of Abdul Hassan Ali Hajvery, a Sufi saint, are stored is commonly known as Data Ganj Baksh. He is believed to have lived on this site in 11th century, visited by many for both religious and historical perseverance.

Apart from this, other historical and recreational attractions in Lahore Pakistan include Wazir Khan Mosque, Tomb of Jahangir, Wagah Border, Sheesh Mahal, Lahore Museum and Moti Masjid.

Badshahi Mosque Lahore Pakistan

Weather and Accommodation

Tourists will be able to experience some cold nights during winter, while some unbearable hot during summer. Spring makes the city of gardens look exceptionally beautiful. Although the Lahore weather is fairly predictable, tourists will find it easier to keep clothes and accessories accordingly.

Whether you are a foreigner or a local traveler there are numerous hotels in Lahore for your accommodation, suitable for every need and requirement. From small, inexpensive guest houses and motels to luxury five star hotels, Lahore consist of numerous living options that offer a range of services required. Many hotels and guest houses are situated at ideal locations that are also near to the popular tourism spots and food streets.

Various five star hotels provide top notch services and transport facilities for the visitors. The international standards that these hotels maintain are commended by all guests. The food variety is exceptional within the hotels and dining out is never a poor option in the city with every food cuisine available. Visitors can contact us for further information regarding hotel reservations and sightseeing.

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