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Lahore Spring Festival

Lahore the city of lively hearts, the city of culture, the city of festivals. It is so called because of its people enjoying every season and every moment to the fullest. Whether it is a national day or a ritual, whether it is festival of a season or it is a food mela, the energy of whole city is surely inspiring. Indeed, summers, winters, autumns all have their best festivals but nothing beats the enthusiasm of Lahore and its people, when it comes to the festivals of the spring. The whole city is decorated like a bride and the enthusiasm of the people shines at its peak. The canal passing through the city is decorated with colorful lights, different sculptures and beautiful flowers. It feels like the whole city is enjoying the spring season. There is this pleasant feeling spread in the air which brings smile on the faces of the people.

Lahore Spring Festival.

One of the most awaited festivals is the Lahore Spring Festival, organised by the Government in the Racecourse Park, Lahore. The festival welcomes you with beautiful blossoming flowers and waterfall leading up to the variety of food stalls. These stalls have foods from all over the regions of Pakistan and some international food item as well. Some of the famous dishes from interior Sindh, South Punjab, Balcohistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa are specially promoted, so that people get to know about each other’s culture and to promote unity among the nation. Moreover, the diminishing trend of sculptures and art is craft is being promoted in this festival. The sculptures representing different cultures and environment of the country brings awareness among the people.

Women celebrating spring festival in Lahore.

Besides this, the prices of food and other items are intentionally keep at very low so that every class of the population can avail this opportunity and can participate without any hesitation. So that poor can also have some fresh air in their hard life and so that they do not feel marginalized. The festival is an example of how diversity is present in all over Pakistan, in different provinces and even in some big cities but these diversities incorporate together and represent the culture of Pakistan. The Lahore Spring Festival reflexes this quality very beautifully.

Spring festival in Lahore, Pakistan.

These beautiful pictures represent some of the attraction of the great Lahore Spring Festival, which surely will be more attractive with the real eye, and one must avail this amazing opportunity of experiencing diversity in all forms, from all over the country at very affordable prices.

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