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Lahore With Kids: Best Places to Visit with Children

Lahore is one of the most popular cities of Pakistan, due to its hoard of popular tourist spots and rich cultural inheritance. Lahore can be a great place to roam around and has a great list of attractions for children. Here are some suggestions to make a trip with kids more exciting!

Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque is the fifth largest mosque of the world.

Badshahi Mosque is the fifth largest mosque of the world and also regarded as one of the world’s wonders. It makes for a great visit as the tourists get to learn interesting tidbits about the Mughal Period and lifestyle during their time. The huge mosque can take up hours to explore and they pass by very quickly as you remain engorged in the beautiful architecture. As a child, I found myself running around the vast areas and the grounds, trying to work my imagination to envision how the Mughal rulers used to live and pray at the Badshahi mosque. I still haven’t forgotten those images.


Minar e Pakistan, Lahore

Every Pakistani should visit this Monument, especially on National Holidays. The Minar e Pakistan guarantees a terrific experience and learning opportunities for kids. It is a great picnic spot as large gardens surround the beautifully designed towers. There is also an amusement park right next to it where kids can enjoy their evenings and have a complete package in just one trip.

Food Street

Food street located in Lahore, Pakistan.
Food is essential for everyone, even children. And at Food Street the wait isn’t boring at all. The tall built restaurants such as Cuckoo’s Den offer a beautiful view of the neighboring Lahore Fort and amaze young minds like nothing else. Great traditional snacks such as Gol Gappay, Firni and Kulfi are sure to make the children’s experience there even better!


Joyland is a famous recreational spot in Lahore.

The stuff most children’s dreams are made of, Joyland is a part of Pakistan’s largest amusement park family. Undoubtedly, Joyland is the biggest attraction for Lahore’s adolescents. It is filled with great rides and kiosks, all that are required for a fun outing. Joyland is a must go for all kids when in Lahore.

Tripkar knows how to give you a good time, so plan the best of your trips to Lahore with us to discover the true colors and rich culture of the city. Happy travelling!

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