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lakes in hunza

Beautiful lakes in Hunza Valley which will leave you in awe

Tourists usually head towards Gilgit, Baltistan when they are planning to spend their vacations in Pakistan because it is one of the most beautiful places of the country with reasonable hotels and accommodation. With various attractive spots and scenic beauty, Gilgit Baltistan pulls a huge number of tourists from within the country and abroad each year. To be specific, one mountainous valley is very popular in this regard named as Hunza. Situated to the extreme north of Pakistan, Hunza valley is a place worth visiting and generates significant revenue via tourism. Apart from providing breathtaking view of tall mountains like Rakaposhi, Hunza peak, Ultar, Ghenta and ladyfinger peak among many others, Hunza valley is home to a watch tower in Garnish village, Altit Fort and Baltit Fort. Also, following are some lakes in Hunza Pakistan which will  leave you in awe:

Attabad Lake Hunza Valley

Attabad Lake is the largest artificial lake in Pakistan formed after the massive earthquake.

attabad lake in hunza

In January 2010, massive landslides caused blockage of the Hunza River at Attabad village due to which this artificial lake was formed. The formation of this lake was not a pleasant scenario because the landslide caused 20 people to get buried beneath it. It is also known as Gojal Lake in Hunza and is termed as Pakistan’s biggest artificial lake being approximately 21 kilometers long and 109 meters deep. According to a survey, Attabad Lake is one of the most visited places by tourists in Pakistan. At a distance of 19 kilometers from Karimabad, Attabad Lake is visited by tourists on boat who enjoy the scenic beauty and capture the beautiful moments. Boats are commonly used to cross the lake!

Shimshal Lake Hunza Valley

Shimshal lake accumulates melted glacier water.

shimshal lake hunza valley

One of the most beautiful lakes in Hunza is the Shimshal Lake in Hunza. At approximately 13000 meters above sea level lies Shimshal village in Hunza which is considered to be the highest village of the region. The water from melted glaciers accumulates water in the lake through seasonal streams. Running along the Chinese border, Shimshal lake Hunza is at a distance of just 40 kilometers from Xinjiang China. The beauty of this place attracts a large number of tourists every year and if you search for pictures on the internet, your eyes would not believe that the lake is situated somewhere in Pakistan! Shimshal village is well-known for producing great mountaineers including Samina Baig who was titled as the first women to climb mount Everest.

Borith Lake Hunza Valley

Borith Lake is located in the Upper Hunza

borith lake in hunza

The third lake you should definitely visit on your trip to Hunza is Borith Lake located in the Upper Hunza. In order for tourists to reach the Borith Lake, they must possess a jeep and use the route via Husseini village. The special thing about this lake is that various ducks come here from warmer parts of South Pakistan and the beauty doubles during the months of March and June. As a tourists, you will also be able to witness exceptionally beautiful birds who stay at Borith Lake Hunza when heading towards North due to chilled water of Central Asia.

Rush Lake Hunza Valley

Rush Lake Hunza

Rush lake hunza valley

Rush lake Hunza is one of the alpine lakes of Pakistan and it has the honor of being the highest alpine lake of the entire region. Not only is the lake very beautiful, it has great views to offer as well. One of the best things about rush lake is that it is not located in some hard to reach mountains, rather the lake is located at a plateau and, even with its great elevation above the sea level.

Satrangi Lake Hunza Valley

Satrangi Lake Hunza


Satrangi Lake Hunza is such a great place to visit when you are in Hunza valley. This place is mostly visited by the torist who come from across the globe and wants to explore the beauty of Pakistan. Satrangi Lake Hunza is a highly recommended place of this city.

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