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London: where the queen rules!

London: Where the Queen Rules!

Covering over a thousand square kilometers with almost 8 million people, it’s hard to know where to start exploring a mega-metropolis like London. More than 200 languages and wealth of different cultures and community can be found here. The city’s world class tourist spots are renowned all over the globe. Known as one of the most visited places in the world, some of the most luxurious hotels can be found in London. With more than 5000 restaurants and termed as one of the best shopping destinations among many others, you won’t find a dull moment in this city.

History of London

The history of London stretches back to the times of Romans. They invaded Britain in AD 43 and soon founded the city of London. The name was derived from ‘Londinium’, which means the place of the ‘bold one’. In AD 60, the city of London was burned to the ground by Queen Boudica. However, the Romans regained control and rebuilt London including a market, business center and a wall to protect it from further invasion. As the Roman Empire crumbled in the 5th century, Britain was then invaded by the Anglo-Saxons. By 1603, London became the main center of trade and government. Beautiful palaces, theaters and parks were built around the city.

Along with the greatest tourist attractions in the world, London holds immense historical importance and exploration for tourists to indulge in. Tripkar brings to you a list of tourist attractions that you must visit in London:

British Museum

lion hunting artifact British Museum London

Established in 1753, the British Museum consists of nearly 8 million artifacts including world-renowned relics like the Parthenon sculptures, Rosetta stone and Egyptian mummies. For this reason, it manages to attract approximately 6 million tourists each year from all around the world. The collection goes back to over two million years so if you enjoy viewing antiques, British museum is the place to visit.

Big Ben

Big Ben London

One of the best known landmark of London, Big Ben, is a Victorian Marvel. It stands over Old River Thames, as well as the ancient parliament of the United Kingdom. Many people don’t know but Big Ben is basically the name of the huge 13-ton bell inside the clock tower. Constructed in 1858, also known as ‘Elizabeth Tower’, is the most accurate mechanical clocks. The tower symbolizes the functioning of the British government especially during war time. There are various theories surrounding the name of the tower. Most widely accepted theory is that the tower is named after the famous Sir Benjamin Hall, the commissioner of works and public buildings.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park Tourist attraction in London

One of London’s eight royal parks, covering an area of approximately 350 acres is the Hyde Park. Beautiful landmarks surround this park including Diana Memorial Fountain, dedicated to the deceased Princess of Wales and the speaker’s corner where public speaking, debates and discussions are initiated. Besides these two are the 18 feet Statue of Achilles commemorating the Greek hero of Trojan War, the beautiful Hudson Memorial Bird Sanctuary honoring the 19th century writer and naturalist William Hudson and the Serpentine Lake, famous for boating which tourists love to explore.

National Gallery

National Gallery tourist attraction london

Visit the famous National Gallery, an art museum which dates back to 1824 and consists of a collection of about 2,300 paintings. Tourists can explore beautiful and inspiring paintings from some of the world renowned artists including Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli. National Gallery is one of the most visited art galleries of the world. With free access to the museum, tourists can discover and explore western European paintings from the Middle Ages and the museum’s special exhibition ”Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art“.

Westminster Hall

Westminster Hall, London

Built in 1097, Westminster Hall is the oldest building in the Parliament and the only part of the ancient Palace of Westminster that survives in its original form. Gradually the hall became the center of the English law and judiciary system. Some of the famous state trials were held here including the case of ‘William Wallace’ who led the famous Scottish resistance in 1297. Visit this tourist spot that holds 900 years of fascinating history since the 11th century.

Dry with warm sunny spells in the summers and cloudy, chilly nights in winter, London is a place to marvel.

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