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Water sport in Pakistan.

Try Your Favourite Water Sport in Pakistan!

Sports have taken various forms with the passage of time. Gone are the days when sports used to mean cricket, volleyball, football only. Now, this term has captured the gushing waters as well with the worldwide popularity of rafting, cliff diving, angling, surfing and yachting. Where in the world, water sport have attained considerable boom, liking for water sport has also started gaining momentum in Pakistan. The introduction of these water activities such as cliff diving in Pakistan has brought about wonderful tourism opportunities in many areas across the country.

Considering the sprouting water bodies in Pakistan, pouring rivers like Indus, Ravi, Sutluj and Jehlum in Punjab province, tranquil lakes and rivers in Northern areas and proud Arabian Sea in the south, the prospects for growth of water sports in Pakistan is irrefutable and quite evident. Growing popularity of these water activities has paved path for opening and successful running of numerous water clubs like Karachi Water Sports Club and Lahore Marina Boat Club etc. These clubs are not only training people for these sports, but also playing a role to foster such activities in the country.

Tripkar brings you a list of few water sports which have made their place in our country and enjoy rising popularity among Pakistanis:


River rafting in Pakistan is a famous water sports.

While having rivers like River Kunhar near Naran, River Swat in Swat valley and Hunza River in spell bounding Hunza valley, who can resist the adventure of soaring on water waves by enjoying rafting? Controlling a raft with mere oars against the truculent water waves, this water sport not only teaches you team work but also helps you to boost your courage and control agitating nerves; besides having the perk of satisfying your adventurous nature. So, rafting is at its boom in Pakistan and it is nowhere to go yet; so, you have the perfect opportunity to experience it at least once in your life. There are various hotels and resorts nearby to ease accommodation issues as well. So what are you waiting for


One of the best places for swimming is Khanpur Dam.

For swimming what you need is: Swimming skills and water; no boat, no oar, nothing! It is just you and water (if you are not equipped with swimming skills then obviously you need a life jacket too). Swimming is the most common water sport in Pakistan and you can enjoy it at numerous places, be it the exotic Khanpur Dam or your local community club. Besides, the development of water parks especially in Lahore Pakistan, including Sozo water park, Oasis Resort, Green fields and different family farmhouses has encouraged this activity among water lovers!

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing in Mangla Dam.

Have you ever yearned rushing over water waves, with splashing water soaking you from head to toe, yet you still feel like carrying this activity to an extent where your soul attains the feeling of conquering gushing water waves? If yes, then keep your desire sky high, because now this is possible – by jet skiing. Jet skiing has been introduced in Pakistan and it has attained a popular position among youngsters and enthusiasts. So, whoever visits Khanpur Dam, Karachi or Mangla Dam, never slips this opportunity of conquering water waves.


The Karachi Yacht Club has been promoting sailing since the 1959.

Siting on a yacht, as it sails peacefully on the water waves while the sun sets far at sky waves is the most pleasant experience. You can have the opportunity to do this at least once in your life at different clubs in Karachi including The National Sailing Club and the Karachi Yacht Club. The Karachi Yacht Club has been promoting sailing in Pakistan since 1959 and has brought many proud moments for Pakistanis by yielding sailing experts who have won many medals for Pakistan in International competitions. So, sailing is an old stirrer in water sports in Pakistan.


Kayak Federation was founded in 2009 in Pakistan and has gained popularity in Islamabad.

With your legs straight, sitting in a narrow space and looking forward is what Kayaking is; sounds difficult? That is what Kayaking lovers love; the challenge! Pakistan Canoe and Kayak Federation was founded in 2009 and has given this water sport an official standing among other sports in the country. The activities of this federation to promote this sport seem to have succeeded, because this game gaining fame in Islamabad, Hanna Lake Quetta, Karachi and KPK where many people practice Kayaking. So, if you love daring sports, then you must give it a try!

Be it Khanpur Dam, or any other place you plan to go, travel with to make your travel experience memorable!

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