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Colorful places on Earth.

Must Visit Colorful Places on Earth Before You Die!

As part of this grand, mysterious, and remarkable world, we are surrounded with stories and sights that fill us with awe: be it nature’s hold on the human spirit or sunlit glassy waters winding through the wilderness, nature’s eternal inspiration for mankind’s artistic creativity and personal spirituality has left us spellbound. Nature, always stunning, showcases it’s might in both spectacular and subtle ways. Here is a list of some of the most colorful places on Earth that will leave you spellbound:

Caño Cristales, Colombia

A biological wonder, Caño Cristales is known as the ‘River of five colors’ or the ‘most beautiful river in the world.’ Most of the year, the river is indistinguishable form other rivers, i.e. the usual bed of rocks and green moss filled water. But for a brief period of time the river blossoms in vibrant hue of colors. A unique plant species known as ‘Macarenia clavigera’ that lines the river floor turns into a brilliant shade of red, in contrast to yellow and green splotches of sand and crystal blue water.

The river of five colors, Caño Cristales, Colombia.The river adorns beautiful colors in the season of spring and summer.A unique plant species thrives in the rivers bed creating beautiful colors.

Lavender Fields, France

The color purple beholds a certain mysticism. Imagine the famed fields lit up in blossoming lavender, the color and the scent encapsulating your senses. You can enjoy this alluring scene by car or on foot. The lavender blooms in its full glory from June to August. The fields are surrounded by sunflowers making it a perfect picnic spot. Besides, visiting the vast lavender fields you can also explore lavender farms and distilleries. There are street side shops that sell natural products made from lavender oil including soaps and shampoos.

The lavender fields in Provence blooms in its full glory from June to August. You can also buy various products made from natural lavender oil sold in street side shops in Provence. The lavender fields are covered in beautiful flowers and lavender smell making it a beautiful tourist spot.

Yuanyang Terraces, China

The terraced rice fields across Yuanyang forms a breathtaking masterpiece of ingenuity. From unique field sizes to mosaic of colorful landscape of natural beauty, these rice fields are officially acknowledged by UNESCO as the World Cultural and Heritage site. Besides being one of the top most amazing places on Earth these rice terraces hold immense historical patronage of almost 1000 years.

The rice fields are recognized by UNESCO as the world heritage and cultural site. The rice fields reflect beautiful colors forming magnificent views. The rice fields in China are visited by many to dwell into the beautiful landscape and picturesque views.

Lake Retba, Senegal

Less than an hour away from the capital city of Senegal is an unusual and eerie lake that will entice anyone. Lake Retba, separated by narrow dunes of Atlantic Ocean, is filled with an unusual vivid pink color. Commonly referred by the locals as the pink rose due to its color, the lake is visited by many. However, besides being one of the most colorful places on Earth, the distinct color is caused by a bacteria known as Dunaleilla. The bacteria produces a red pigment in order to absorb the sunlight. The lake’s water is high in salt content thus not many living things can survive, however, the lake is the main source for salt for local villages and also serves as a tourist destination.

Lake Retba is an unusual lake filled with water that reflects a vivid pink color. The distinct pink color of the lake is caused by a bacteria that absorbs a huge amount of sunlight. Lake Retba located in Senegal has huge amount of salt that the local villagers use.

The Marble Caves of Lago Carrera, Chile

Referred as the most beautiful cave network in the world, the Cuevas de Marmol is a 6000 year old nature’s marvel that hones the crystal blue waves of the Lago Carrera. Also called the ‘Marble Cathedral’, the place is intricately covered in a mosaic of beautiful colors making it one of the most colorful places on Earth. The swirling unique patterns on the marble reflect the lake’s azure waters creating a breathtaking scene. What is more captivating is the fact that the marble cave changes its appearance according to the seasons. In spring the crystalline white shimmered enamored colored cave walls look gorgeous. In summers, as the water level increases there is a more deep blue colored haze surrounding the marble cathedral. Tourists can access this haven by boats only.

The marble caves have intricate woven patterns of colors that reflects the azure water of the lake. One of the largest marble cave network in the world and also a top tourist destination. The marble caves is a must visit place in the season of spring and summer.

Hunza, Pakistan

A place immensely blessed by mother nature, Hunza is home to some of the most beautiful and magnificent views a place can offer. Explore Hunza in autumn to witness some of the most beautiful views. The place is covered with a riot of yellow poplars, red orchards and golden maize fields.  Trees don their vibrant hues in pools of autumn gold and rust colored leaves. A vibrant view where autumn leaves are painted in all kinds of beautiful red and orange.

Visit Hunza during autumn, the places is lit up by beautiful colors. Hunza is one of the top most visited tourist attraction. Hunza is home to various breath taking places that offer picturesque views.

Dallol, Ethiopia

In the North East of Ethopia lies the seldom visited volcanic crater, Dallol, which is extraordinarily beautiful. Surrounding the volcanic crater are hot springs, salt mountains, gas geysers and pools of acid isolated by salt ridges. Besides having a bizarre landscape, the place is beautifully lit by hues of orange, red and misty gold that forms a picturesque view for visitors. The place however, is dangerous and requires various safety precautions. Dallol also hosts various minerals including iron oxide and salt deposits.

Situated in the North East of Ethopia is the volcanic crater known as Dallol. Dallol is a volcanic crater that also hosts various essential minerals and salt deposits. Dallol in Ethiopia hosts beautiful colors and views.

Bonn, Germany

Also known as the Cherry Blossom Avenue, Bonn Germany, blooms like a giant flower bouquet during spring, transforming into a surreal sight. The Japanese Cherry Blossom trees were planted in the 1980’s. Since then, every spring the place turns into a beautiful sight covered with vivid colors and floral scent making it one if the most visited tourist spot.

Famously known as the Cherry Blossom Avenue in Germany.The whole street in Bonn blooms like a giant bouquet of flowers.Cherry Blossom Avenue is visited by many for its blossoming flowers and colors.

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