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Murree Pakistan

Murree Pakistan: The Queen of Mountains

A popular tourist spot, situated at an altitude of 7500 feet, Murree Pakistan is visited by many for its beautiful sceneries including snow capped mountains and beautiful valleys. Murree is known as the largest hill station and resort in Pakistan. The guesthouses and private apartments available, make it one of the most convenient places to visit, the whole year round.

Beautiful Murree Pakistan

Being a famous vacationing spot, known for its natural beauty and pleasant weather, this place is loaded with tall pine trees and various trekking tracks constructed for the tourists. Beautiful valleys and lakes surrounding Murree Pakistan are famous for trout fishing and offer peace and tranquility to the visitors. There are various camping sites available for nature enthusiasts.

New Murree Pakistan

Patriata New Murree Pakistan Cable car

New Murree, also known as ‘Patriata’ features the largest chairlift and cable car service in Pakistan. The chairlift is enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year. Situated at the top of the hills, the ride gives you beautiful views of the mountains, hills and lush green forests.

Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali Murree Pakistan

During the British rule, Nathia Gali served as the head quarters to Chief Commissioner of Hazara District. This place holds immense historical patronage and is visited by many for its beautiful views, lush green meadows and hotels located in the mountains. Tourists can enjoy horse riding and the mini bazaar that sells culturally inspired clothes, bags and souvenirs.


Ayubia trekking track, Murree Pakistan

Ayubia, also known as the ‘Heaven on Earth’, is surrounded by four beautiful hill stations known as Khairagali, Changlagali, Ghora Dhaka and Khanaspur. From beautiful trekking tracks to modern hill resorts and hotels, Ayubia serves as a famous tourist and vacationing spot. The popular Ayubia National Park is home to various kinds of birds, has 31 wildlife species including black bear and musk deer and over 757 medicinal plants that can treat various ailments .

Kashmir Point

Kashmir Point, Murree Pakistan

One of the most crowded places in Murree Pakistan is the Kashmir Point. Tourists can enjoy beautiful views, visit the famous Jamia Masjid Masoomia and Bagh-e-Shaheedan. There are various recreational spots for kids including water pools and horse riding. Kashmir point features a small train for families, resting areas and a tuck shop that serves hot beverages and sandwiches.

Mall Road

Mall road Murree Pakistan

Mall road Murree, is a famous shopping point. There are various shops and restaurants situated on this road. Tourist can buy culturally inspired souvenirs and enjoy the famous Pakistani BBQ served by the restaurants. This is one of the most crowded places in Murree in fact during vacations, this place is jam packed with people and vehicles.

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