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Spiritual places in the world.

Offbeat Spiritual Places in the World

In the quest for spiritual bliss, people have built monuments dedicated to  the Divine being. Be it mountain top monasteries or secluded 1000 year old temples in the middle of nowhere, everyone has felt spiritual energy and indescribable clarity surrounding these sacred places. Here is a list of breathtakingly beautiful spiritual places in the world for you to spiritually energize:

Machu Picchu, Peru

Set in an extraordinarily beautiful setting is the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Situated at an altitude of 2430 meters in the middle of a tropical forest Macha Picchu holds immense historical patronage. Recognized by UNESCO for its outstanding cultural and natural values the property covers an area of 32,592 hectares. The place is surrounded by mountain peaks and gushing valleys creating a spiritual seance. The Machu Picchu citadel was built in 1450 and is known as an architectural pinnacle. Built by the Incan Empire the sacred place is dedicated to Earth Mother deity and Wiracocha, known as the creator.

The historic sanctuary is surrounded by lofty mountain peaks. Machu Picchu is widely known for its architectural expertise and scenic beauty. Historic sanctuary of Macha Picchuis situated at an altitude of 2430 meters.

Mount Corcovado, Brazil

Built in 1931 and stands 98 feet tall is a colossal statue of Jesus Christ at the mountain top of Mount Corcovado. Proudly displaying a symbol of Christianity across the world ‘Christ the Redeemer’ is listed as the New Seven Wonders of the World. The statue represents a cultural, spiritual and symbolic achievement that brought a nation together after the gloom of World War 1. Almost 5000 visitors from around the world visit the statue of Jesus Christ every day and pay their respects.

Christ the Redeemer is a monumental statue visited by people from all over the world.One of the mos sacred places in the world is the statue of Jesus Christ sitting atop a mountain peak.Christ the Redeemer is 98 feet tall and stands atop a mountain peak.

Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe Chapel, France

Amongst the most beautiful sacred and spiritual places in the world, Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe Chapel, is a fascinating religious shrine sitting atop a volcanic formation as a plug. Visited by many for its spiritual energy as well as marvel at the unique stature. The chapel can be reached by climbing almost 268 stone steps and offers magnificent views of the bustling city. The chapel was first dedicated to the Roman’s swift messenger of God-Mercury but was later consecrated to St. Michael the Archangel, a religious patron worshipped across many places in Europe.

The beautiful chapel is visited by many from all over the world and is known for awakening spiritual energies. Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe Chapel is solely dedicated to Saint Michael. Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe Chapel sits atop a volcanic formation as a plug.

Uch Sharif, Pakistan

Situated 75 kilo meters from the city of Bahawalpur, Uch was discovered by Alexander the Great and is home to some of the most beautiful mosques and religious monuments built in Pakistan. Some of the most popular shrine in Uch is the tomb of Bibi Jawindi, Baha’al-Halim and Jalaluddin Bukhari. These religious shrines are built in a close formation known as Uch Sharif. The place is surrounded by artificial canal and river tributaries making it an ideal place for agricultural activities. Besides brilliant architectural design these shrines are known to elevate spiritual bliss.

Uch Sharif is a concentrated compound for religious shrine including tombs for Bibi Jawindi, Baha’al-Halim and Jalaluddin Bukhari.Uch Sharif also holds immense historical patronage for Pakistanis and is a popular place for religious activities.Uch Sharif is a sacred place situated almost 75 kilometers from Bahawalpur.

Bete Giyorgis, Ethiopia

Situated in the town of Lalibela, Ethiopia, Bete Giyorgis, is an Ethiopian masterpiece. Representing the apogee of the rock-hewn tradition, the Bete Giyorgis is the most visually perfect church, built in the shape of a Greek cross. The king during the Zagwe Dynasty ordered the construction of 11 monolithic stone churches, to promote an Ethiopian Jerusalem, by recreating biblical scenes carved into rocks. However, Bete Giyorgis is by far an example of superior architectural formation. The church is carved out of the ground and is connected to other 11 churches in a series of elaborate tunnels.  The church is widely visited by adjoining villages as a sacred pilgrimage site.

An Ethiopian church featuring a church hewn out of a single rock. The Bete Giyorgis is by far one of the most spectacular churches built. Carved out of the ground, and shaped from the inside out, it is one, unbroken piece of stone. The church, Bete Giyorgis, is 40 feet down, its roof forming the shape of a Greek cross.

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