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Is it okay to travel alone?

There have been tons of times when you plan on traveling with your friends and family, right? How many times have you actually executed those plans? Majority of the times you plan on going somewhere but fail to satisfy your hunger for travel. We all can relate. But, have you ever considered ditching those who ditched you and travel alone? I guess never. Even if any of us did, it remained a plan, just like all other plans because of fear of the unknown or uncertainty, maybe.

Well, is it really okay to travel alone? Here’s what happens when you travel all by yourself:

1. Learn to spend time alone

travel alone
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In the era where social media and internet has brought us closer, we are missing a lot. We constantly seek others’ validation in order to enjoy and have fun. Anyone who likes to spend time alone, away from the gadgets and virtual people, is considered a social outcast. And this has become one of the leading causes of depression and anxiety. Traveling alone makes you enjoy and spend some time all by yourself, clearing your mind, organizing your thoughts and living away from the virtual world. Learning to enjoy your own company is extremely important for personality building and self-confidence.

2. Experience life away from your comfort zone

Diving in a lake
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We all have a comfort zone. Let’s suppose you are perfectly fine talking to people around you because you are used to of interacting with them on a regular basis – but you hesitate introducing yourself in social situations. Traveling alone will help you overcome your fear of unknown and enable you to get out of your comfort zone. You might have never planned your own vacation, indulged in money matters or made such choices all by yourself before while traveling with friends or family. While you are on your own, you tend to be more responsible and in control of your trip.

3. Freedom of altering your travel plan

Alone at the beach
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Not traveling with your peers will give you the liberty to choose your destinations according to your choice, stay wherever you want to and alter your travel plans as per your mood and requirements. Let’s supposed you planned to go hiking on the second day of your trip, however, you feel like relaxing at the beach instead, with a split of a second, you can cancel your hike and head over to the beach if not traveling in a group, unlike otherwise.

4. Get to expand your network

Traveler interacting with locals
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Traveling alone can land you with a whole constellation of contacts, since you will have an amazing experience interacting with people from various backgrounds, race, creed and ethnicity. These people can be of a great help and support when you travel next time. Sometimes, these people from different walks of life will surprise you in terms of friendliness, hospitality and warmth as opposed to their negative image portrayed otherwise. Striking up a conversation with a local is like reading a new book, getting to know a different story. Once you do that, you gain exposure and a sense of self. Even if you do not get to meet them afterwards, you will still have awesome memories to share when you communicate.

5. Rediscover yourself

Rediscover yourself
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Related to the first point mentioned, traveling alone will give you enough time to rediscover yourself. Once you put down your smartphone and sit alone on a cliff, watching the beautiful sunset somewhere, you will realize how amazing it is to sit all by yourself and think about your life, your hobbies, likes and dislikes. It will actually take you by an awe to discover how much you do not know about yourself and never considered to think about because of the stressful, busy life.

6. Get a New Perspective on Life

New perspective on life
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Traveling alone can be a life changing experience, especially if it is your first time. You will not only feel independent, confident and motivated, but it will also build your personality. Facing the challenges and surviving on your own will bring you back stronger and more responsible. The sense of achievement you will get will renew your spirit and satisfy your hunger to travel. You’ll get to see the world around you in a much different way, understand others’ perspectives and learn empathy.

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