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Olive trees.

KPK Invests Rs. 1 Billion into Olive Tree Plantation Project

Loaded with health benefits, longevity and essential vitamins including Vitamin E & K, olives and olive oil is widely used all around the world. Since ancient times Mediterranean countries have focused on the production of olives and olive oil, extensively using it for cooking and health purposes. Pakistan is blessed by mother nature thus the country’s production has always been centered around agricultural produce. To encourage the growth of olives in the country, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to initiate a project of one billion solely on olive tree plantation project.

Olive tree plantation.

The project will be initiated by mid October 2016 and will be completed by June 2018. Shah Farman, Minister of Public Health Engineering, has visited Mattani, Adenzai and adjoining areas to supervise the viability of olive tree plantation project. The minister emphasizes, that this project will generate revenue for the province and bring large areas of barren land under cultivation. Similarly, the olive trees will provide farmers with an alternative crop and bring prosperity to backward areas. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has instigated that this investment will generate a revenue of Rs 15 billion every year prompting much needed advancement and affluence in the region.

However, before the project is undertaken, the barren land needs a proper and sustainable water resource and dedicated farmers. The land needs to be protected from animals and other hazards so as to ensure proper cultivation. The government ensues that olive production will also curb edible oil import into Pakistan. The prospect of olive tree plantation is highly likely, as the plant needs little water and fertilizers and can be grown on mountainous region too. With the approval of agriculture secretary the farmers will be trained and provided with the necessary resources to make this project a success.

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